How to Use Delta 8 Disposable

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Delta 8’s current vape products provide the most effective and exciting method to consume cannabis. Not only is it a thrilling experience, but the variety of tastes and the simplicity of these items make them stand out as excellent buys.

Disposable vapes are the optimal delivery system for delta 8 THC. To get the most out of your vaping experience, you’ll need to know your preferences and the specifics of the device you choose before making a purchase.

Although disposable vape pens and vape pods are easy to use once you get the hang of them, newbies might have some small issues in the beginning. 

Whether you’re grabbing a disposable for the first time or are someone with a few vaping years under their belt, you can read this post below and learn how to use a delta 8 disposable pen or brush up on your skills.

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Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.
Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.
Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.


What are Delta 8 THC Disposable Pens?

It should be no surprise that delta 8 disposable pens are intended for single use. A delta 8 disposable vape pen will come with a cartridge already loaded with the cannabinoid, eliminating the need to purchase it individually before usage. The vape pen is pre-charged, allowing you to use it immediately and discard it once you’re done.

You’ll need to be particular about your choice of a disposable vape pen since several on the market contain various cannabinoids or extracts. For example, if grapes are your favorite fruit, you can check out our Delta 8 Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL.

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.

Now that you know what a delta 8 disposable pen is, let’s see its individual parts!

The Mouthpiece

This is the part of the vapes where the mists are inhaled, as the name suggests. Glass, plastic, or silicone are typical materials for these components, so they are easily replaced if damaged.

You may get mouthpieces in various styles, sizes, and colors to suit your taste. Once you have that out of the way, you can enjoy the mixture of natural ingredients with a simple inhale.

Cartridge or Tank

Both words refer to the central reservoir of your vape pen, where the e-liquid is stored and used. Cartridges that have already been filled with e-liquid save you the trouble of having to do it yourself.

However, tanks are usually the opposite, meaning you have to fill them up. This can be good, especially if you want to use a different flavor. Cartridges are standard in disposable vapes, whereas tanks are the norm in refillable models.

Most modern tanks are built along relatively standard lines, despite their sizes, forms, and styles varying considerably. The tanks consist of the following parts:

  • A glass or plastic tank column is the pool where you have your liquid.
  • Chimney and the top domain, with the chimney attaching to the coil, provide a channel through the tank.
  • The mouthpiece, or “drip tip,” may be swapped out for a different flavor or size.
  • The coil is linked to the power source through a terminal at the base. This is the part of the vaporizer that generates heat to transform the liquid into vapor, and it may be swapped out for a new one with a new edition.
  • The battery, which was once fashioned like a pen but is now often a more considerable, box-like component, supports the tank in most vaping devices.

How does it work? Simple. Containers stored in tanks have a spherical shape and are often made of glass with metal covering the top and bottom. The coil that leads to the mouthpiece is attached to a stem that goes straight through the device.

The vape juice in the tank wets the wick that’s in contact with the coil. So, when you fire up your vape pen, the coil is heated, evaporating the liquid in the wick.


As we said, delta 8 vaporizers have an atomizer within the cartridge or tank, and this component creates the necessary heat to evaporate delta 8 oil or juice. It’s usually made from ceramic or quartz.

There are several types of atomizers, and these are the most common ones:

  • Cartomizer – This is the cheapest type of atomizer that is usually universal and can be used for any entry-level vape.
  • Clearomizer – This kind has a tank that is linked to the battery, making it extremely practical and can last for several days or even weeks.
  • Dripping Atomizer – This is what we previously called the drip tip. It will give you the most potent hit, which is why they are suggested only for experienced smokers.


A few delta 8 vapes have a power button that you need to hold down to vape. The switch activates the sensor, and the atomizer is heated, releasing vapor.

Every pen has different activation techniques – the most common one is drawing on the mouthpiece. Therefore, the delta 8 oil is heated up to the point where it evaporates.

But if you have a button-powered delta 8 disposable, you only need to hit the button five times to turn it on or off. Some vape pens can even give you the option to choose a temperature.


The power supply for delta 8 devices is a battery. Most of the time, these devices use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The vape pens may be charged with the included cords or any standard micro USB cable, much like a cell phone charger. Some vape pens have adjustable power settings that let you vape at varying intensities.

With the batteries, it’s important to note that some vapes may come with low-quality ones. You can notice this in cases when the battery runs out before you even finish the contents inside the pen. 

To avoid this, make sure you research the delta 8 THC pen you want, but also store the device in a low-temperature place to prolong the battery life.


How are Disposable Vape Pens Used?

It’s quite simple, really. There’s zero assembling – no manual to study, no liquid to feed into the pen, and no further action is required on your part. Instead, you just need to open the package and immediately use it – that’s it! 

Or, if you have one that uses a button, you can go for these simple steps: 

  • Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth.
  • Activate it by pressing the button. Once it’s on, you’ll see the indicator light up, although this depends on the model, as some don’t have this feature.
  • Inhale the vapor while holding the button.
  • Let go of the button, pause for a few seconds without breathing, and then let it all out.

And, of course, when there’s nothing more in your vape pen, you may discard it.


How Long Do Delta 8 Disposable Pens Last?

You may take approximately 280–300 puffs from a standard vape pen daily. But this is not set in stone; there are many factors that can influence the longevity of a disposable pen, like how often you use it, the brand of pen, the intensity of the puffs, and so on.

Considering the typical vaper takes approximately 130 puffs daily, your disposable pen should last about three days, provided you don’t use it constantly.


Storing Your Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape

As the name tells you, disposables will not be around much for you to use. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t store them properly for the time being. Remember: the better you store them, the more you prolong their life. 

It’s usually advised to keep delta 8 disposables in a cold, dry location. Prefilled substances may lose their flavor if you expose them to sunlight, and exposure to water may wreak havoc on a battery and other electronic parts. Needless to say, keep it out of reach so that kids don’t mistake them for a fun toy.


Benefits of Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable pens have their share of upsides. Here’s why most delta 8 THC users stick to disposable vapes.

No cleaning

With a disposable pen, there is zero cleaning since you will throw it away once it is empty. Just open, inhale and enjoy!

No maintenance

As with cleaning your device, the same goes for maintenance. You won’t have to spend any time or money trying to keep the device up and running for longer since you will dispose of it in just a few days after you use it.

Great for Trying New Cannabinoids

Since you can use and discard these devices easily, you can try out as many weed strains as you want! There is a wide selection of disposable kits available today. Simultaneously, many retailers let buyers choose a specific delta 8 THC strain they desire in their product.

Good for Beginners

First-time vapers often start with disposable pens, and that’s all thanks to their simplicity. Plus, this is a great way to try vaping before committing piles of cash to something you might end up not linking.

Easy to Carry & Store

Disposable vape pens are more compact than standard e-cigarettes. In other words, you can take them everywhere, and they won’t get in the way. Also, these gadgets are as unobtrusive as a pen so you may have one in your pocket at all times.

Less Costly

The price of disposable vapes is far lower than traditional tobacco and cannabis goods. So, it’s no surprise that many turn to these options. Even if you want to smoke delta 8 sometimes, this is far more cost-effective than purchasing a whole vaporizer gear.

Several Options for Flavors

As we said, you can try out various strains with disposable pens. This also includes various flavors. There are some that are more fruity, while others are sweet, sour, etc. – there’s literally everything! 

For example, plenty of smoking enthusiasts try out the Forbidden Fruit 2G Dart XL – a mix of cherries and tropical fruits boosted with the effects of delta 8.

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Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.


How to Use Delta 8 Disposable

So, you got your delta 8 vape pen, but now you need to fire it up? Don’t worry – let’s go through these several simple steps and start your delta 8 THC journey with a disposable pen!

Check Your Hardware

Before you start using your delta 8 disposable pen, you should see and get to know what you’re working with. Almost all devices come with manuals, so make sure to check what your brand has and how you can use the given features to get the best experience. 

Is Your Disposable Charged?

When using a delta 8 vape, make sure it’s charged up to maximum voltage before you fire it up. Most pens usually come pre-charged.

Is Your Disposable Connected?

Connect your vape pen to its charger if there’s no power in it, the same as you connect your phone.

Activate the Battery

Delta 8 THC disposable vape pens with a power button need five presses to activate. Several flashes of the indicator light will usually indicate this.

Activate the Coil

While some vape batteries activate the coil when air is drawn through them, others need manual activation by pressing a button. 


Place your lips over the vape pen’s end and inhale. After a typical hit, most vapes will switch off automatically.

Store Upright

Remember to keep the cartridge of your delta 8 vape pen upright while it’s not in use. As a result, blockages and leaks will be avoided.

Recharge Delta 8 Disposable When Needed

Vape batteries, like mobile phones, should be charged at least once every 24 hours for optimal performance.

Replace Delta 8 Disposable as Needed

A disposable vape pen’s power will eventually decrease and stop working. That’s when it’s time to say goodbye to your old one and hello to a new pen!


Get the Best Delta 8 THC Disposable on the Market

Now that you know how to use a disposable delta 8 vape pen, all that is left is to find the right one! 

Here at Delta Munchies, we have some of the best options for beginners and long-time vaping lovers. 

If you want a disposable pen, why not go for Apple Fritter – a hybrid strain with a powerful pastry scent, or Candyland – a sativa-dominant strain with a distinctive taste and high levels of user pleasure?

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.
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Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.

Or if you need something more, just browse our delta 8 THC selection – from delta 8 gummies to carts, tinctures, and more, there’s everything for everyone!

The photos used in this blog were taken by Steven Lewis, you can find his portfolio and more of his work here.