How To Find Your Perfect Delta 8 Dosage

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Delta-8 is the hottest THC product on the market right now. New research has helped us understand what it is, how it works on the body, and its many health benefits. But part of the experience is getting the dosage right, which varies from person to person. It also varies from product to product. 

If you’re just getting started with this hemp-derived magic product, follow this handy delta-8 dosage guide.

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Delta-8 Dosing Basics

Delta-8 dosing is different for everybody, making it difficult to determine exactly how much delta-8 to take. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all amount, it’s your job to experiment and figure out your ideal dosage. There are lots of factors to consider when attempting dosages (more on this later).

Keep in mind that dosing will vary based on products as well. For example, your ideal tincture dosage may differ from your delta-8 gummies dosage. Likewise, the dosage you get from a capsule will differ from that of a gummy. 

Can You Overdose on Delta-8?

Similar to other cannabinoid products, it’s physically impossible to overdose on delta-8. And the proof is in the pudding – there’s never been a reported overdose of delta-8. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel any unpleasant side effects if it’s not consumed responsibly.

Anyone who has taken too much delta-8 THC will tell you they’ve felt dizzy and confused. You may feel sedated or experience an elevated heart rate, dry mouth, or bloodshot eyes. If you’re not used to what THC feels like, you might even feel uneasy for a short period.

The good news is that you’re not going to feel the same anxieties as when you take too much of the “traditional” THC – delta-8’s cousin, called delta-9 THC. This is why delta-8 THC has become so popular in recent years, as it provides much mellower and calmer effects. The “high” you get from delta-8 is significantly less potent than delta-9, which is why the latter can give you that uncomfortable paranoia and anxiety.

Remember that how you react to delta-8 dosing will vary depending on a variety of different factors. This includes your age, body weight, medical history, tolerance and much more.

The goal is to find your limits and ensure you don’t exceed them. Of course, taking it in higher or lower doses depends on what you’re hoping to get out of it. You should also adjust your dosage depending on what you’ll be doing. 

If you do suffer from any side effects, you can typically cure them by waiting it out and letting the effects wear off on their own.

Can You Use Your CBD Dosage as Your Delta-8 Dosage?

Delta-8 and CBD are closely related and it’s easy to assume that your dosage would be the same as CBD. A lot of people within the cannabis community can and do decide to match their CBD dosages with their delta-8 dosages.

While you can opt for this strategy, getting the correct delta-8 dosage can help you get more out of your gummies, capsules, or whatever product you prefer. We recommend starting small and experimenting with dosages until you find what works for you. Remember, there’s no risk of overdosing and experiencing toxicity that will land you in the hospital.

One thing to remember is that CBD is a non-psychoactive molecule. Delta-8 is active, meaning you will experience different effects on the body and mind. Delta-8 interacts with the body and brain differently than CBD and can get you high, but with much less negative psychoactive potency than delta-9.

If you’re already sensitive to delta-9 THC or cannabis, you’re best suited to starting at lower doses and working your way up. As with any substance, the goal is to find the sweet spot.

Understanding Delta-8 Dosages

How many mg of delta-8 should you take in a single sitting?

First off, it depends on whether you’re searching for a stimulating effect or a sedating effect. Sometimes you may want to take a higher dosage to help with sleep or opt for a lower dosage if you still need to take on the day.

You’ve also got several factors to consider, such as the potency of your delta-8 product, your body weight, and any tolerance from previous THC use.

Let’s delve into some of the different factors influencing your ideal delta-8 dosage.


Your tolerance level is how much delta-8 THC your body can handle. Ultimately, estimating your tolerance requires an educated guess. There’s no scientific measurement that can define your exact tolerance.

Your experience with other hemp and cannabis-based products will go a long way in helping you determine your tolerance. If you’re new to the THC game, it’s strongly recommended that you start at the lowest dosage.

Follow this delta-8 dosage guide for more insights into where you should start:

  • Low Tolerance – Start with 5-15 mg

  • Medium Tolerance – Begin with 15-45 mg

  • High Tolerance – This category ranges from 45-150 mg

Other than those with the lowest tolerances, the categories are pretty broad because there’s too much variation.

Effects Desired

This may seem obvious but we’ll mention it anyway: if you’re searching for mild effects, you’ll need a different dosage than if you want heavier effects. You need to decide what you want to get out of your delta-8 experience. As we mentioned, this will likely depend on what you’ll be doing. For example, if you’re relaxing at home after a long day you may want to opt for a higher dosage. If you’re meeting friends for a hang-out at the park, you may want to bring lower dosage products. 


Your weight has a significant influence on your dosage. A delta-8 edible dosage is influenced by your weight simply because the heavier you are, the more the body can take. More weight means more cells and intravascular fluid. In other words, you need more substance to bind to all the necessary receptors.

Delta-8 binds to the CB1 and CB2 neurotransmitters within the endocannabinoid system. Obviously, heavier people will need larger doses to achieve the same level of binding. Of course, this principle doesn’t apply to all substances, but delta-8 is one substance that is significantly influenced by body weight.

Let’s examine how your weight will influence how much delta-8 you should take:

  • 80 lbs – 15 mg
  • 100 lbs – 20 mg
  • 120 lbs – 27 mg
  • 140 lbs – 32 mg
  • 160 lbs – 36 mg
  • 180 lbs – 40 mg
  • 200 lbs – 45 mg
  • 220 lbs – 50 mg
  • 240 lbs – 54 mg
  • 260 lbs – 60 mg

*Note: these are for heavier effects. If you want milder effects, opt for approximately ⅓ of the recommended dosage.

Remember: these are only guidelines and you should only use the above figures as a benchmark for figuring out your dosage. Start with a lower dose than you think you’ll need and experiment with increasing the amount. 

How Much Delta-8 to Take By Product

Are you wondering, “How much Delta-8 should I take based on the type of product?”

While your tolerance, body weight and other factors come into play, so does the type of product. Each product contains different concentrations of delta-8. In other words, there’s no single best product to take – it’s very much a personal decision. So, what do you need to know about how much Delta-8 to take for the most common delta-8 products?

Delta-8 Vape Dosage

Vapes are one of the most commonly used delta-8 products found on the market. It makes sense – they’re easy to carry, come in different flavors, and it’s easy to microdose throughout the day. You’ll find three versions of vapes on the market: vape cartridges, vape pens, and e-liquids. There’s no difference in dosing based on the format here, so let’s get to it.

New users should begin with one to three puffs. On average, it’s one to three puffs that make an average single dose. Note that how deep you inhale and how much Delta-8 you can take into your lungs will impact the strength of the effects.

Aim for one to five milligrams per serving. You need to look at how many puffs there are in the average one milliliter of e-liquid. You’ve got roughly 100 puffs in total, so if we divide the number of delta-8 milligrams in the product by its volume, you can divide that number by 100, which’ll tell the number of puffs you need to get your recommended dosage.

For example, if you take a vape pen with 4 mg of delta-8 per puff, your standard dose will range from one to five puffs. People with higher tolerances and a desire for sedating effects might puff ten times on a pen at once.

The beauty of using a delta-8 vape pen is that you can also lengthen the time you take between each puff for a smoother experience. Feel free to experiment with your vape and puffs until you hit that sweet spot.

Delta-8 Hemp Flower Dosage

Flower with delta-8 is an alternate version of other forms of hemp flower. Your flower has been combined with a special Delta-8 THC distillate to alter the effects. One of the easiest options is to purchase a few delta-8 pre-rolls. Like your vape, you can take 1.5 milligrams, which counts as one to three puffs.

Flower is generally more challenging to figure out the correct dosage with because the bud doesn’t contain an exact amount of Delta-8. To even out your dose and avoid accidentally consuming too much, puff one to three times and then wait 20 minutes to see the effects. If you feel like you need a little more, feel free to keep puffing.

Delta-8 Gummies Dosage

Delta-8 gummies come in various bright colors and flavors for you to enjoy, but it’s no secret that dosage is crucial when it comes to edible THC products. So how do you know what your perfect delta-8 gummies dosage is?  

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to find the correct delta-8 gummy dosage. However, most gummies have between 10 and 40 milligrams per piece. Beginners should try the weaker potency gummies at just 10 milligrams each. Remember, because this is an edible, the effects will take longer to kick in and typically last longer as well. You might have to wait up to two hours for the effects to peak in some cases.

If you’re new to delta-8 gummies, take one and wait a few hours to see what impact it has. Monitor your reaction to see how it makes you feel, then use those results to make tweaks to your dosage.

You can also split gummies to get a more accurate dosage by simply cutting them in halves or thirds. Over time, you’ll find what works for you. Just don’t make the mistake of believing these gummies haven’t had an effect after twenty minutes and then eating a whole bag!

Delta-8 Capsules Dosage

With gummies it’s relatively easy to determine the delta-8 edible dose because they’re all made to a standardized model. Capsules are the same and every bottle, regardless of brand, will tell you how much delta-8 THC is within each capsule.

A single capsule is one standard serving in capsule form. The average capsule will typically contain roughly 25 mg of delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 Tincture Dosage

Delta-8 tinctures are another popular method of enjoying this mellow high. Standard tincture doses range from 20 to 40 milligrams. When using the tincture, it’s recommended that you place the drops under your tongue and wait at least 30 seconds before swallowing. This is because the tiny blood vessels underneath the tongue are responsible for taking delta-8 into your body.

Finding the standard tincture dose requires a small amount of math. Take the delta-8 amount per bottle and divide it by the number of milliliters. More manufacturers, however, are putting the size of a single serving on their bottles to make life easier. 

A single tincture dropper is approximately one milliliter, meaning that this is your single-serving size. Most droppers usually have measurements printed on them so you can adjust your dosage as necessary. The benefit of using a tincture over the other formats above is that you have precise control over your Delta-8 intake.

Beginners shouldn’t start with an entire dropper, which typically equals 40 mg. Instead, opt for a quarter or half dropper.

Finding the Right Amount of Delta-8: Tips & Best Practices

Even though you don’t have to worry about overdosing on Delta-8 THC, you still need to think about how you will get your desired effects without taking too much. It’s a delicate balance, but there are best practices you can follow to avoid that cotton-mouthed, sleepy experience.  

Here are some tips to follow when experimenting with your delta-8 dosage.

Start Off Low and Slow

Delta-8 is like anything else – you don’t know how your body will react to it until you try it. For this reason, start low and work your way up slowly. Over time, your body will build up its tolerance.

If you’re concerned about how you might react, start with a half-serving before working up to a whole serving. More experienced members of the cannabis community may be able to jump right into the higher doses.

Know Your Product

Impatience is not your friend when it comes to delta-8 dosing. Remember, all delta-8 products have different onset times. Any edible could take two hours to work, while a vape pen might have instant effects. This is because vaping delta-8 takes it right into your brain. Edibles must be digested in the stomach before filtering into your bloodstream.

One thing to keep in mind is that the effects may take longer to appear than delta-9 THC since it’s much less potent. Your dosage for one product may, therefore, be different than your dosage for another.

Decide on Your Desired Effects

Don’t consume delta-8 without considering what it might feel like and what your circumstances will be while under its effects. Understand that you can choose between stimulating and sedating. Sometimes you may not want to get the same effect. Work on trying out different dosages and monitoring their effects on you. Pinpointing your ideal dosage to get the high you want will serve you well going forward, and you’ll be able to adjust your dosage based on your plans.

As always, it’s about experimentation. You can’t rely on the dosage your cannabis buddy recommended to you.

Read the Manufacturer’s Label

A standard dropper for a tincture may be of a standard size, but that doesn’t mean the product’s potency remains the same. It’s not uncommon for vendors to sell several versions of the same product with varying strengths.

If you’re going to try out an alternative to your usual, read the manufacturer’s label first and do the math to find how potent a single serving is.

Purchase High-Quality Delta-8 THC

It’s worth spending a little more to get better results. High-quality delta-8 THC products are reliable and worth the money – no one likes to be surprised by accidentally dosing too high. 

There’s little regulation among Delta-8 THC vendors. Buying from unknown vendors could mean not getting the Delta-8 content you expected. It’s important that you do your research to find reputable sellers who follow transparent and responsible practices.

Here are some tips for choosing the right vendor for your delta-8 products:

  • Testing – Most reputable manufacturers will have their products sampled and tested and the results certified by a third-party laboratory. You should be able to find a copy of these results on their website.
  • Price – Browse their products and see how much they cost. If you see excessively low prices, they’ve likely cut corners somewhere. Offers that seem too good to be true usually are.
  • Reputation – The easiest way to find out what you’re getting from a vendor is to look up their customer reviews. If you’re not seeing four- and five-star reviews everywhere, that’s a red flag. You can also ask around in forums and online chat rooms about people’s experiences with that vendor and their products.

Find Euphoria with Delta Munchies

The number one piece of advice is to start low and work your way up. After all, getting the dosage right is a matter of experimentation. Moving from lower to higher doses slowly is also beneficial because it prevents your tolerance from growing too quickly.

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