How to do a Ghost Inhale

Man taking a hit from a Delta Munchies Medellin delta 8 THC vape cartridge.

If you like smoking weed–whether alone or with your tight circle of smoking buddies, learning some tricks is an excellent way to enjoy your smoke sessions more. Doing smoke tricks is a perfect way to show off and have a good laugh with your friends. 

Whether you are smoking bud or vaping, doing smoke tricks is possible. Plus, you can enjoy the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of weed, and lastly–enjoy doing some of the coolest smoke tricks that will get you excited to smoke more!

This article will look at a cool-looking trick called the ghost inhale. The ghost inhale looks hard to do, but it is easy. Like our other weed vaporizer tips, you will learn many things from this article.  

You can learn this trick in probably a few minutes, so before we start, get your stash ready so you can start learning and get a good high! But before we start learning how to do a ghost with a vape, joint, or pipe–let’s talk about the ghost inhale and where it started. 


What is a Ghost Inhale?

Before learning how to do ghost inhale tricks and some of its variations, you are probably wondering–what exactly is a ghost inhale? To put it into simpler terms, the ghost inhale is when you take a big puff of smoke, slowly blow it out into a thick-looking cloud, and breathe all the smoke back in.

The cloud will resemble an almost cartoon-like ghost figure or bedsheet ghost Halloween costume–hence the trick’s name. The trick also looks like your soul left your body and went back. It is a pretty cool-looking trick that will impress anyone who sees it, as long as you do it perfectly!

If you remember the 2008 stoner movie Pineapple Express–one of the main actors, Seth Rogen, performed one of the best smoke inhales we have ever seen. During Seth Rogen’s first scene with James Franco, which was also the first time they smoked the strain “Pineapple Express” with a cross joint as a medium–Seth did a perfect ghost inhale. 

Because Seth Rogen’s character, Dale, took a big hit from a cross joint with three sides, he could take a giant rip of smoke–which is perfect for performing a ghost inhale. However, you can ghost inhale with any joint, pipe, or vape cartridge. 

For us, doing a ghost inhale is best to learn using a vape cartridge–whether it is delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, or any cannabinoid you want. If you are not a big smoker, you will get high trying to learn this trick–so make sure you stick to less potent strains. 

For this trick, you’ll want something that can produce thick clouds, like one of our delta 8 disposables. Check them out below!

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Is a Ghost Inhale Different from a French Inhale?

The ghost inhale is a different trick from a French inhale. Although you start the same by taking a giant puff of smoke, the next steps are quite different. With a French inhale, you slowly push the smoke out with your tongue and inhale the smoke through your nostrils, resembling an upside-down waterfall of smoke. 

As for learning how to do a ghost vape or ghost inhale, you will also slowly blow the smoke out until it resembles a ghost figure which you will aggressively inhale back in your mouth and keep in your lungs. 

Also, note that you will not need as much smoke for the ghost inhale compared to the French inhale. Because you want to inhale all the smoke without letting it escape your mouth, it’s best to start small to ensure you execute the trick perfectly. 

However, you can probably combine the ghost inhale and the French inhale to create a variation of the two tricks. You can do a ghost inhale then slowly blow that smoke out of your mouth and into your nose–but that would probably take a lot of practice. But it sure looks cool!

A ghost inhale might differ from a French inhale, but note that a French inhale is the same as an Irish waterfall. 


Why Should I Try the Ghost Inhale?

Performing the ghost inhale is fun; we can tell you that much! Whether you are a heavy smoker or vaper, doing the ghost inhale will surely upgrade your solo or group smoke sessions. 

If you are just learning how to do smoke and vape tricks, the ghost inhale is probably a good place to start. It requires just about the basic techniques you need to learn more tricks in the future. Plus, it is one of the most fun tricks to master. 

Tricks require a lot of practice. After learning how to do this trick, you won’t stop until you master the execution. Although you can probably pull it off in just a few tries, it will take a lot of time to make the trick look good and effortless–which is a good thing to do, especially if you want to continue learning new tricks like the French inhale and blowing Os after perfecting this one. 


Techniques I Need to Master to Execute the Ghost Inhale

Before we get into each step of learning how to do a proper ghost inhale, we want you to learn a few important skills and factors for the success of learning this trick. 

Every trick requires technique, and here are the skills you want to develop to learn this trick or any other trick. 


One of the crucial aspects of learning vape and smoke tricks is control. You want to control your puff and gather just the right amount of smoke in your mouth–nothing more and nothing less. 

The ghost inhale doesn’t need as much smoke as other tricks like the tornado or French inhale. Otherwise, you will not be able to suck all the smoke back in, leaving you with more smoke going out than going in–which is not a good look for the trick.


Releasing the smoke is probably one of the most crucial parts of this trick. When you first puff the smoke, you are not going to inhale it to make sure you have a good thick cloud to form the ghost.  

Make sure you release it slowly and don’t let the smoke disperse. The wind is definitely a factor to consider, so make sure you release the smoke slowly or faster if it is windy so you can still form a ball of smoke no matter where you are. 

Releasing is not all control. The shape of your mouth when you release the smoke also plays a big factor when performing the ghost inhale. Make sure you form your lips as round as possible as you release the smoke to form a thick but compact cloud of smoke–which you will inhale later. 


Another factor or skill you may want to build upon when learning tricks is your tolerance to THC. The best way to smoke delta 8 is by learning how to do tricks. Because delta 8 is not as potent as delta 9–you can build up your tolerance for learning tricks with delta 8 cartridges. 

However, you should note that you can still get really high if you smoke too much delta 8. But don’t worry because the worst thing that could happen is you fall asleep. Just make sure you don’t have any appointments later in the day when trying to learn the trick. 


The last technique you should learn is how to inhale and how to inhale fast. The last part of the trick is inhaling the big ball of smoke without letting smoke escape to make sure the trick looks good and impressive. 

Make sure you are ready to inhale the smoke you slowly released. Also, make sure you don’t choke on that big puff. But we are sure you will enjoy the high when you choke on giant rips! 

However, if you get too high without perfecting the trick, you will have to wait until you can smoke again, depending on how long the high lasts.


How to do the Ghost Inhale

Now that you know the basic techniques you need to develop, let’s move on to the step-by-step tutorial on how to do the ghost inhale. 

Gather a lot of smoke

The first step is to take a big rip and gather the smoke in your mouth without inhaling the weed in your lungs just yet. It wouldn’t be as thick if you inhaled the smoke before performing the trick. 

You don’t need to puff too much smoke, but you can tell if you inhaled enough if you can rest the smoke on your cheeks without choking. 

Do not cough

Gather the smoke but try not to inhale or cough the smoke out. Otherwise, you have to repeat the first step. 

Exhale slowly

Exhale the ball of smoke gathered in your mouth slowly and keep your mouth round to create a perfect ball of smoke. 

Breathe back in

Once you release all the smoke into a big ball, exhale it back in. You can simply breathe the smoke back in to execute this last part. This part will be easier if you learn how to exhale slowly. 


How do you do a Ghost Inhale with a Vape?

If you are doing a ghost inhale with a delta 8 or vape cartridge, the techniques are similar. 

Take a big pull from your vape, but keep the smoke in your mouth instead of inhaling

Take a big puff and let it rest in your mouth. Make sure you don’t push it back in your throat to avoid coughing. 

Let the vapor sit in your mouth for a few seconds

Let the vapor sit in your mouth and form a circle with your lips before the next step. 

Slowly let it escape your mouth

Let that big ball of smoke slowly escape your mouth. You don’t have to blow it out. 

As the smoke starts escaping, suck the vapor back into your mouth

As the smoke starts leaving your mouth in a ghost-like figure, suck it back in. Because vape smoke is denser, you can probably suck it back slower to give a slow-motion effect for the trick. Trust us, everything looks cooler in slow motion. However, it will take more time to learn. 


Best HHC Vapes

Not all vapes are suitable for learning these tricks, especially when learning how to do the ghost inhale. Lucky for you, we have the best HHC vapes for learning this astonishing trick!

Maui Wowie 1 Gram Cartridge

This popular strain is known for its tropical and fruity flavors and it is relaxing high–making it one of the best options for learning the ghost inhale as well as other vape tricks. They last up to 400 puffs, which is more than enough for learning. 

Alien OG 1 Gram Cartridge

This Bay Area native strain is now available in HHC vape form–allowing you to smoke and learn tricks discreetly just about anywhere. From the name of the strain, you already know that the high is going to be out of this world.

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