How Many Puffs in a Disposable Vape?

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Since the 2018 Farm Bill, different products have flooded the market with legal hemp-derived cannabinoids. From foods, drinks, and tinctures to disposable vaping devices, the hemp industry can be confusing with terms like puffs or vaping, especially if you’ve smoked e-cigarettes or come from a nicotine-based vaping industry.

Vaping extracts might seem intimidating at first. Not knowing how much a vape might last, what kind of ingredients you are smoking, or even knowing the difference between vaping juice, e-cigarettes, or extracts can lead to even more confusion.

For this, we’ve made a small guide about disposable vapes, puffs, and the overall smoking experience of disposable vapes. Here you’ll find what “puff count” means, what it actually delivers, and the difference between extracts and vape juice.

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Key Takeaways

  • The puff count is a way to estimate how many times you can pull from your device.
  • Most 1g extract devices have a 400-600 puff count, while larger devices might get up to 1000.
  • Letting your vape extract rest, storing upright, and skipping large rips are all things you can do to make your vape last longer.
  • Larger disposable vapes will save you time and money by having more extract for a lower price.


What Does the Puff Count Mean on a Disposable Vape?

First, let’s start by explaining what the puff count means. The puff count is the general way of knowing how many times you can pull from a disposable vaping pen. This number is not a guarantee, but how much you can expect your device to deliver.

This is why most products will show a range of puffs, as it can change depending on how you pull. Some people prefer small tokes, while others want to take big ripping clouds from their devices. 

It is without saying that big pulls will burn through your vape juice or extract much easier, which is why the range can vary anywhere between 100 and 200 puffs.

While the cannabis industry uses this to know how much you’ll pen will last, it is also pretty common with vape juice and nicotine-based devices. Nicotine devices use different kinds of ingredients and mechanisms that “allow” more puffs.

On the other hand, hemp-derived extracts like delta 8 THC have different consistencies and heating temperatures. Live resin evaporates much quicker than wax, but both need a specialized heating element that most e-cigs don’t have.

So to sum it up, the puff count in disposable vaping devices shows you an estimated number of times you can pull. Nicotine and e-juice-based devices will have a bigger number due to its consistency, while extracts tend to have lower numbers unless they have more extracts.


How Many Puffs are in a Vape?

This is a little complicated. As we explained above, it depends on your style of pulling smoke and the ingredients used in the device. Some people can take stronger puffs from regular vapes with devices that can last up to 1000 puffs, considering they smoke vape juice.

Most concentrate disposable pens will have around 1g of extract, allowing for between 400 and 600 pulls. Delta 8 THC concentrate used in these pens is much thicker in consistency than vape juice, which makes the clouds smaller and less dense as they don’t use glycogen or other cutting agents.

But don’t fret. Unlike nicotine-based disposable vape pens, you won’t need as many tokes to feel the effects of a hemp-derived concentrate. Dispensaries usually use delta 8 THC or HHC blends that can get to your system and provide a medium-high anywhere between 3 and 5 puffs.

We recommend having a few small tokes first to get to know your resistance, especially if you are just starting on the hemp scene. Having a puff one after the other is known as chain vaping and can lead to things that clog your device, like the heating chamber, overflowing.

Some disposable vape pens have more puffs, which we’ll examine in the next section.


How Many Puffs are in a Disposable Vape Pen?

Most disposable vape pens have one gram of extract. Some use delta 8 THC, HHC, CBD, or even full spectrum formulas that have a mix of everything. Depending on the cannabinoids and concentrate, pens have up to 600 pulls.

Some vape pens have a larger chamber and different heating elements that allow for more extract to be smoked. These pens usually carry 2g of extract and can save you the hassle of buying several pens in a month or worrying if you have to share your vape.

Vape Juice and e-cigarettes have different types of liquid used to form clouds, which is why the puff count on those devices might seem different. The smoke is also fairly different, despite being vapor as well. So if you want to try that, you might want to go for a delta 8 THC or CBD-infused product instead.


How to Get More Puffs Out of a Disposable Vape?

Most disposable vape pens will give you anywhere between 400 and 600 pulls. So to make the most out of your disposable vape, here are some of our best tips and tricks.

First, let’s go with the pulls. Everyone has their style, but users generally don’t recommend taking long rips from your pen, like with vape juice or even a bong. 

Since delta 8 THC extract is thicker than vegetable-based e-liquid, overpulling can cause your chamber to overflow. A chamber overflow can lead to your device clogging or the extract burning before you can even enjoy it.

It is also believed that a few tokes are more than enough for a functional high, so don’t worry about holding the smoke for a long time, either. And it might be better to alternate with other cannabinoid formulas, like swapping delta 8 THC for HHC or even hemp-derived delta 9 THC.

Another thing to notice is to keep your device charged. Sometimes the juice on the actual battery is important for your device to get to the correct heat. This allows the extract to vaporize at the correct temp so you can enjoy flavorful tokes.

Another tip to look out for is skipping chain vaping, which takes several tokes one after the other. This can also overflow the chamber and burn your extract, preventing the vapor from coming out fully. And worst of all, chain vaping extracts can lead to sticky residue on the mouthpiece.


What Disposable Vape Has the Most Hits?

If you want long-lasting vapes or seem to run out of juice, you might want to look for vapes with more extract. There are disposable vapes with 2 grams or more of delicious extract that can last double the time.

You try our Dart XL line at the Delta Munchies store, which has these giant-sized tokes in mind. This line of disposable vapes has 2g of our premium extracts. These are perfect if you want to get a vape that can last for a while or want to save up on your current orders.

These are available in delta 8 and HHC options. For something fruity and creamy, the Apple Gelato HHC Vape pen is just straight-out delicious. This hybrid-inspired vape has sweet and sour notes of the Sour Apple parent strain with luscious and creamy Gelato notes that are perfectly balanced.


For something a little on the sour and fuel-like side, the Melonado Delta 8 THC Vape is also a pretty good option. This pen is on the sativa-side of the spectrum, with potential energizing effects to enjoy during the day. And flavor-wise, expect kushy and fruity notes from the 2 full grams of our top-shelf delta 8 THC formula.


Lastly, the Georgia Pie HHC Vape is an amazing pastry-inspired pen. The flavors on this vape are perfect if you want to indulge, relax, and just enjoy your evening or weekend with peach cobbler-like notes. This vape also has 2g of our sweet HHC extract, which offer anywhere between 800 and 1000 pulls to enjoy.


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