Hindu Kush Strain: Information & Full Review

Marijuana bud on a purple background.

Kush is one of the most sought-after words as far as cannabis enthusiasts are concerned. Something about the word kush is like a green light to stoners everywhere, an indication that the strain in question is potent, heavy hitting, has a strong and distinct flavor, and will likely produce a high that will have you wanting to take a nap. 

Of the many different types of kush out there, Hindu Kush is one of the most common and popular types of kush out there, and for a good reason, because it’s like nothing else out there.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hindu Kush is one of the oldest and purest strains of indica on the planet.
  • Hindu Kush plants are very resilient due to originating in a harsh climate.
  • Hindu Kush produces fairly heavy indica effects and contains around 19% THC on average. 


What is the Hindu Kush Strain?

The Hindu Kush Strain, AKA Hindi Kush, gets its name due to its origins in the Kush Mountain range that stretches over 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where this strain was originally grown in the mountains by farmers and herders.

Due to the extremely harsh nature of this environment, the exterior of the Hindu Kush buds features a super thick layer of trichomes, those white crystals that serve as a protective barrier. 

On that note, because of the abundance of THC-laden trichomes found in this strain, it’s one of the best strains to use to make hash.

Hindu Kish is a landrace strain with a very clean and pure gene pool, a pure indica that hasn’t been altered in many decades. Although today’s strains may be a bit stronger, this type of Hindu Kush has been around in North America since the 1960s and has remained relatively unaltered throughout that time.

As far as growing Hindu Kush in its native countries is concerned, this has been going on for hundreds of years. You know that a strain is the real deal when people have been growing it for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years, without having to change much or anything about it.


Hindu Kush Strain Appearance

The Hindu Kush strain’s buds are extremely dense and tight, to the point where you usually can’t squeeze them together at all. They tend to be more like hard pebbles than anything else.

These buds are also coated in a super thick layer of those white and crystally trichomes that are loaded with THC, therefore not only giving it an appearance of having been snowed on but also making it very sticky.

Due to its stickiness, large clusters of buds will often stick to each other, with buds being rounded or spade-shaped. As for the color, it’s usually pretty light green, combined with a good deal of purple sugar leaves and orange pistils for some nice-looking contrast.


Hindu Kush Strain Genetics

Hindu Kush is a very pure indica landrace strain that appears to have remained unaltered for decades, if not hundreds of years. This weed has been grown in Pakistan and Afghanistan for centuries. In terms of purity and its gene pool, this stuff is very pure.

It’s not some novelty crossbreed that keeps changing but rather a strain that has remained unchanged over a vast period. Like they say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, which is exactly what you get with Hindu Kush. 

Most other strains we know today are crosses of this and that, but Hindu Kush is just Hindu Kush, and nothing else.

THC/CBD Content

What many people love about Hindu Kush is the fact that it has a moderate THC level of 19%. This is generally strong enough to really make you feel it but not so strong that you won’t know what you’re doing.

As John Dunsworth, the late-great Canadian actor from the much beloved TV series Trailer Park Boys once said, I’m not so drunk that I don’t know what I’m doing, but drunk enough to really enjoy doing it. Of course, we’re talking about cannabis here, not alcohol, but you get the point.

It’s a good option for beginners who want to try something a little stronger but not too strong and for seasoned smokers who want to get a good buzz going without falling asleep immediately. This strain does also contain around 1% CBG and even less CBD.


Hindu Kush Strain Terpenes

Hindu Kush contains four main terpenes: caryophyllene, a bit spicy; myrcene, a herbal flavor; limonene, a bit of citrus; and humulene, a bit of citrus and some nice earthiness. The flavor profile of Hindu Kush is fairly complex, yet also strong and pungent.


Hindu Kush Strain Effects

Hindu Kush is fairly potent, although you won’t realize it until well after your last toke because it’s quite the creeper. You’ll slowly start to feel very a bit heavy and physically relaxed, mellow and calm, yet also quite happy and euphoric.

You’ll slowly start to feel heavier and heavier as the minutes go by and start feeling more tired and sedated, with the classic couch-lock feeling hitting virtually everybody within about an hour after having smoked it. 

This is the kind of weed that is going to lock you into that couch yet not get you so high that you don’t remember whose couch it is.



Hindu Kush Strain Reported Flavors

Hindu Kush does have some distinct flavors. It’s a pretty spicy and earthy strain with citrusy and herbal undertones. Most people who smoke it report that it can taste pretty sweet too, and often has a flavor reminiscent of sandalwood.


Hindu Kush Strain Growing Info

This strain is one of the most resilient ones out there and can survive both extreme heat and cold, as well as high and low humidity levels. It’s just a tough plant that is used to growing in harsh conditions, making it ideal for beginners to grow.

It has medium-sized leaves and is fairly compact overall, with a flowering period of just 50 days. It grows well both indoors and out, with plants often reaching 6 or 7 feet in height and producing up to 400 grams per plant.


Strains Like Hindu Kush Strain

If you like your kush strains but would like to try something else, some similar strains include Green Kush, Afghan Kush, 8-Ball Kush, Purple Kush, and OG Kush.