Grape Runtz Strain

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If you like candy and dessert-like strains, we know a little runt that can cause the best munchies session you’ll ever have. We are talking about the iconic Grape Runtz, a strong indica-dominant hybrid with delicious grape aromatics and notes.

Besides its delicious and characteristic flavors, this is a strong strain with 23-27% of sweet THC. 

So buckle up, and let’s learn more about this strain together, from its lineage and effects to its growing information.


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What is Grape Runtz Strain

So, let’s start with the basics. Grape Runtz is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that has crazy high THC content with over 27%. This strain has a pretty sweet heritage (literally), being the offspring of Zkittles, Grape Ape, OG Kush, and Gelato. 

Besides its delicious and nostalgic grape notes, this strain can mesmerize you with delicious pungent and peppery notes that are out of the ordinary. So if you are not into super sweet strains, Grape Runtz won’t disappoint.

Some of the reported effects from this strain are feeling hungry, very giggly, and even sleepy. So we recommend this if you want an incursion into some creative munchie time, or just want a laid-back smoking session to enjoy with friends. 

When this strain is consumed in larger doses, some users have reported feeling a dry mouth and sleepiness. So just be careful and take lots of water when consuming this strain. 

Other people have felt dry eyes and are slightly anxious, so remember to start at a buildable dose and slowly take harder puffs.


Grape Runtz Strain Appearance

Looks-wise, this bud is also a delight to look at. The buds on this strain are very puffy and look almost like plumps or grapes. These are covered with a small but consistent layer of small crystal terpenes.

These crystals are where most THC is concentrated, and they cover the buds of this strain. It also has small, slender orange hairs, which curl up to the plump form of the nugs. Hence, it also gets its name from the similarities with an actual grape.

If you put this strain on a purple background, you’ll be able to notice the outer resin cover of this bud. Which to us is one of the greatest parts of this plant, and if you are a cannaseur, we bet you’ll love the lustrous, resin-covered buds when you inspect this strain.

In general, the buds are mid or medium-sized, mostly dry, and pretty strong. They also have big calyxes, which is also part of what gives the buds of this strain their grape-like form.


Grape Runtz Strain Genetics

Let’s see the lineage of this bag of grape candy in a nug. This four-way crossbreed comes with mixing OG Kush with Grape Ape, Zkittles, and Gelato. 

This gives this strain powerful THC genetics and looks as well, giving the spiciness from OG Kush with the iconic grape flavor from Grape Ape. The sweetness and silkiness from both Zkittles and Gelato are also pretty present in this strain, making a really good choice if you like any of their ancestors.

Especially since this strain can harvest very high-quality nugs, this cannabis strain has some of the best parts of its lineage, giving strong euphoric effects with tasty notes thanks to its terpene profile. 

It also has some of the psychoactive and soothing properties of the indica part of its family, yet it gives a well-balanced effect between both sativa and indica worlds.

So with this lineage, expect a sweet fruity flavor with some personality and complexity you won’t get with its parent. This hybrid has the best traits of its relatives in the crossbreed, giving a complex yet powerful strain.

THC/CBD content

Let’s go with something you’ll want to know, the THC to CBD content. This strain is strong. The kind that can get you slight psychoactive effects and sleepiness if smoked or consumed in heavy quantities. 

This strain has reported anywhere between 23 and 27% of THC content, with barely any CBD content.

When found in flower form, users have reported anywhere from 20 through 23%, but concentrates of this flower can make it even more potent. Our Grape Runtz Delta 8 Disposable Vape from the Dart XL line can give you a broad idea of how powerful a toke of distillate with this strain can feel.

This disposable vape is ready for some on-the-go tokes without any weird looks. It has 2 grams of the delicious delta 8 extract with strain-specific terpenes. It has an automatic draw and is fully rechargeable, so don’t worry about old burnt-tasting carts.

Also, this device is fully disposable, so no need to clean pipes or glass devices to keep your smoking session going. 


Grape Runtz Strain Terpenes

Since this strain has special flavors and aromatics, we really should be talking about the terpenes. 

As a child of several spicy strains, the most abundant terpene in this strain is caryophyllene. This terpene has strong anti-inflammatory properties but also gives that spicy and peppery taste to the little runt.

Besides this terpene, myrcene and limonene are also very strong and present in this strain. They give the bud slightly herbal and citrusy notes that are also part of this strain’s experience.


Grape Runtz Strain Effects

So far, most users have reported that this strain can make you feel calm and very laid-back when smoked, but most importantly, it can give you one of the best munchies sessions ever.

So gather your favorite snacks or make a whole cookout around this strain, as it may help you to stimulate your appetite. It may also help to reduce pain, nausea, and help with an overall mood shift.

Other users have also reported feeling more relaxed in social situations and even pretty giggly, so if you want to enjoy some of your favorite comedy movies or binge some series, this might be your new favorite hybrid strain. However, we do not recommend this strain if you need energy, as the indica part can make things feel slower than usual.


Grape Runtz Strain Reported Flavors

This is perhaps one of the highlights of this strain. 

Grape Runtz has iconic grape and spicy main notes that will give you a refresh of other strains. It also has a woody, citrusy, and even fruity undertones that feel like a better version of grape and fruit candy. The little runt is great if you like dessert or candy-like flavor but don’t want something tropical or pastry-like. This strain has a strong but sweet personality that makes it perfect for sleeping 


Grape Runtz Strain Growing Info 

This strain is pretty easy to grow in general. It has a pretty fast flowering time, and it doesn’t need any specific care besides the usual water and sun in the different growing phases.  It works well with different cultivation methods and can use common substrates like coconut or soil, or even work with hydroponic systems.

This strain gives a high yield, about 450g per square meter, when growing indoors. The only catch is you’ll need some light pruning and small cuts, so it doesn’t have too many leaves. 

Harvest-wise, you can expect buds in a very short time. Some cultivators have harvested buds in as little as nine weeks.

When this strain is grown outdoors, this strain reacts better to warm and dry climates. This strain can give up to 600g per plant of greener buds when grown outside. Expect strong and tasty fruit-like aromatics after a couple of weeks right before harvesting.


Strains like Grape Runtz Strain

With little runts like this strain, you might want to try something from the same lineage. If you liked the grape flavor and aromatics, the full indica Grape Ape could be a strain that you might like. 

For something less spicy but still almost candy-like, Zkittlez can also be a delicious hybrid strain that can satisfy any sweet tooth. However, if spicy and fuel-like notes are more your jam, the OG Kush is a classic strain to enjoy spice with that nostalgic kushy notes we all know and love.