Georgia Pie Strain

Marijuana bud on a pie on a glass plate on an starry night background.

There are over 700 cannabis strains recorded in the world right now. Some are naturally grown, and some result from crossbreeding plants to achieve better, more potent effects. Most hybrid strains are even created from other hybrid strains themselves. 

One such example is the Georgia Pie strain, bred from the Kush Mint and Gellati strains, both hybrids. If you’re looking for a very potent strain with the taste of a delicious peach cobbler, then this is the one for you. 

Keep reading and learn all there is to know about the Georgia Pie strain.

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What Is the Georgia Pie Strain?

Georgia Pie strain is a highly potent hybrid strain marked by its fresh peach cobbler aroma- hence the name. Californian company Seed Junky Genetics bred the Georgia Pie strain from hybrids Kush Mint and Gellati in order to succeed in producing all-encompassing euphoria.

Georgia Pie is an indica-dominant strain, with about 60% indica and 40% sativa contents. It is known for its high THC and low CBD percentage, giving a full-body hazy and tingly sensation. 


Georgia Pie Strain Appearance

The Georgia Pie flower is as stunning as the experience it offers you. It is interspersed with green and purple colors from the chemical compounds inside the flower. The trichomes and orange hairs covering the flower are a pure testament to the ingenuity and experience of the grower.

The flower is dense and sticky, yet another sign that points to its exquisite quality. When you break down the nuggets, the colors start blending together, creating a gorgeous visual of orange, purple, and green that is very reminiscent of warm southern summers.


Georgia Pie Strain Genetics

Seed Junky Genetics pulled a stroke of genius when they combined Gellati with Kush Mints. In doing so, they managed to create a hybrid strain that is a descendant of some pretty beloved and popular strains.

For example, the Kush Mints strain, as one half of the equation, is also a hybrid made from the Bubba Kush and the Animal Mints strains. It carries a minty aroma with traces of cookies and coffee.

The Gelatti strain, on the other hand, is also a hybrid, created by the Cookies Fam. Gelatti combines the delicious aromas of the OG Biscotti and Gelato strains.

However, if you’re a person that wants the effects of THC but with more of the CBD benefits, you should look into HHC and how it combines with strains like Georgia Pie. 

The Georgia Pie strain is a wonderful result of the collaboration between Seed Junky Genetics and the Cookie Fam.

THC/CBD Content

Thanks to the strains it was derived from, Georgia Pie boasts an incredibly high THC content of over 25%. On the other hand, the CBD content percentage of this particular strain is considered very low, at only 2%.


Georgia Pie Strain Terpenes

One of the most important elements of the success of the Georgia Pie strain are the aromatic smells that separate it from all the others. The most significant scents are sweet, floral, and fruity, which directly result from specific terpenes present in the strain.

Georgia Pie strain has 11 different terpenes in its contents, but the most dominant ones are limonene, caryophyllene, and carene. 

The presence of limonene guarantees an uplifting sensation, while carene provides an anti-inflammation and bone-strengthening influence, and caryophyllene will help you relax.

The other terpenes in the Georgia Pie strain include linalool, pinene, humulene, and phellandrene, to name a few.


Georgia Pie Strain Effects

One thing that’s always guaranteed with the Georgia Pie is the extremely potent high. You will be hit with the thingly, hazy, uplifting feeling in your head, and then the feeling will spread throughout your body. You will feel the high only a few minutes after your final toke, starting with your head.

Depending on your body’s weight, built-up resistance, and the dosage you use, Georgia Pie, can almost certainly help you sleep better. However, there are alternatives if you want to stick around and enjoy the Georgia Pie feeling for a bit longer.

Because the Georgia Pie strain, just like delta 8 and delta 9, delivers quite a strong punch, you might be interested in mellowing it out, which is where HHC can help you. HHC is, in its essence, THC’s less potent cousin. Depending on your previous cannabis use, it might get you high or just chill you out.

Combining this strain with HHC instead of THC will take some strength away while keeping the entire experience organic. 


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What is Georgia Pie Strain Good for?

Georgia Pie can help you address many feelings and ailments thanks to its contents. First and foremost, this strain is excellent for relaxation. Due to its potency, it will hit you with a hazy feeling in the body and mind, which will help you let go of your pent-up stress.

If you’re struggling with a chronic injury, muscle inflammation, or joint pain, the Georgia Pie strain may help alleviate all of it with its potent effects. It is also highly recommendable for people who want to improve their sleep.

This strain will take you on a ride between energizing and uplifting on one side and relaxing and sedating on the other.


Georgia Pie Strain Reported Flavors

Most users associate the Georgia Pie strain with the taste of peaches and berries, which is not surprising considering its name. The most commonly reported tastes of Georgia Pie are peach, peach cobbler, and the marmalade inside the peach cobbler.

The aromatic smells certainly play a major role in the flavors that users experience when consuming this strain. Georgia Pie is the strain for you if you enjoy sweet, fruity, and floral aromas and tastes.


Georgia Pie Strain Growing Info

If you are interested in the Georgia Pie strain growing process, we got you covered. This is a strain that can be grown inside and outside without any major changes in the results. The flowering period of this strain is usually around 8 to 9 weeks, and the ideal harvest time is in October.

To get the perfect Georgia Pie strain bud, you should grow the plant in a warm and humid climate and trim it often. The trimming is necessary for the plant to produce many trichomes.

If you’re interested in combining the Georgia Pie strain with a different cannabinoid like the HHC or simply buying a product of that combination, you might wonder about the legalities. The cannabis laws are still mostly undefined, but using Georgia Pie with HHC is just as legal as using it with one of the more prominent cannabinoids.


Weed Strains Like Georgia Pie

If you are looking to broaden your weed horizons and expand your palate, Georgia Pie is an excellent start. But other similar strains can provide you with an incredible experience as well.


One of the most legendary weed strains in existence for a good reason. Chemdawg is a hybrid with around 20% THC content and almost 0% CBD content. Its flowers are shaped like popcorn, with green and silver-white hues, and the most recognizable aromas are diesel fuel, earth, and pine.

Blue Dream

This sativa-dominant hybrid strain is famous for its blueberry and sugar flavors, that last long after the nugs have been smoked. Blue Dream provides a potent high, primarily centered in the mind and not the body. It’s high in THC content of 24% and around 2% CBD.