Does Indica Make You Sleepy or Hyper?

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If you’ve been on the cannabis scene for a while, then you’re likely not a stranger to the terms “indica” and “sativa.” However, do you know that consuming each strain will typically yield different results? Today, we’ll focus on the indica side of things.

As a general rule of thumb, indica cannabis strains are perfect if you’re looking to catch some shuteye or just chill after a long day. However, it’s not all about sleepy time with indica. Some strains may also provide a calm, euphoric body high that combines nicely with a feeling of relaxation.

So, does indica weed make you sleepy or hyper? We explore this answer and more in the following paragraphs. Keep reading to find out more.

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Key Takeaways

  • Indicas are generally more relaxing strains and will often make you sleepy.
  • However, the exact way indica affects you depends on the specific strain, your dosage, and your body’s reaction to it.
  • Indica’s sleep-inducing properties are a result of specific terpenes in the strain.


What is Indica Weed?

Indica is one of the two main cannabis strains — indica and sativa.

While both are cannabis plants, they do not look the same or induce the same effects, for that matter. Unlike sativa plants, indica plants are typically short and bushy, and are more common in hot and dry conditions, such as in Afghanistan.

Now, let’s explore its effects.

Indica weed (weed that is gotten from indica plants), typically gives a relaxing body high, which makes them great for the nighttime when you want to sleep or just chill. This relaxing high is the fundamental difference between indica and sativa because sativa is linked with a more energetic high.


How Does Indica Make You Feel?

The first thing to note about the indica strain and any form of cannabis or cannabinoid is that while it offers some general effects, your specific experience will depend on you — your tolerance level, biological makeup, and more.

Nevertheless, the general expectation with indica is that it should help you relax and you will often feel sleepy after consuming it. As a result, many users prefer ingesting or smoking indica in preparation for bedtime, especially after particularly long or stressful days.

Some indica strains have even been called tranquilizers because of their capacity to make you sleepy.


Does Indica Make You Sleepy or Hyper?

Right off the bat, the answer is yes. Indica typically makes users sleepy.

This characteristic of indica is one of the major things that separate it from the other major strain of cannabis — sativa.

Even research organizations like the Sleep Foundation have listed indica as the strain of cannabis likely to promote sleep in users.

However, although most of the evidence points to indica being a strain that makes you sleepy and not hyper, it is essential to note that unique individual experiences may prove otherwise due to several reasons ranging from biological factors to the strain of indica weed that is consumed.


Why Does Indica Make You Sleepy?

No doubt, the general consensus is that indica makes users sleepy. But, why is this the case?

The Presence of Myrcene

Typically, indica strains of cannabis, especially those obtained from the Kush mountains or Afghan region, usually contain myrcene as their dominant terpene. This is arguably the primary reason for indica’s sleep-inducing effects, as myrcene is famous for its sedative properties.

In a study conducted on mice in 2002, mice that received the terpene slept 2.6 times more than those that did not. However, it is important to note that not all indica strains contain or are rich in myrcene, and this may explain why not all of them will induce sleepiness.

Apart from myrcene, some other terpenes that are found in indica plants which have relaxing and sedating properties include linalool and terpinolene.

The Presence of Cannabinoids

Many indica strains contain relatively moderate to high levels of THC, which may be linked to their sedating effects on the body. In addition, specific cannabinoids, like CBN, also have sedating properties and may also be found in several indica strains.

As a result, users of the strains of indica rich in THC and CBN typically feel a general sense of relaxation and calm. However, you should note that not all indica strains have the delicate mix of THC, CBD, CBN, and other cannabinoids that will ensure sleepiness.

In fact, it is possible to have indica weed strains that have energetic effects and sativa strains that have more relaxing effects.


In several cases, sleepiness after consuming indica may have nothing to do with the weed itself but with the user. This is because people generally react to cannabinoids differently, depending on their specific biological configurations.

For instance, some people process THC or CBD quickly while others don’t. Depending on this and also factors like the arrangement of cannabis receptors in the body, indicas may cause increased sleepiness in some people and may not in others.


Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid: How Do They Compare?

Each of these strains has its unique effects, and we discuss them below, especially in relation to each other.

Psychoactive Effects

When it comes to indica and sativa, the first significant difference between them is their effect on the body. Indicas typically gives a relaxing high to the body, tending to cause a feeling of rest and sleepiness.

On the other hand, anecdotal evidence for sativas shows that these strains typically cause an energetic high that makes users more active and energetic as they go about their daily duties.

In the case of hybrids, the effect on the body depends on the composition of the hybrid strain.

Hybrids are a mix of indica and sativa. Therefore, they contain the features of both in a delicate balance. However, we also have indica-dominant hybrids and sativa-dominant hybrids, and depending on which of the strains is dominant, hybrids can cause different psychoactive effects in the body.

In light of this, indica-dominant strains may be more relaxing, while sativa-dominant strains may be more energy-inducing.

In addition, you should note that indicas will typically give you a body high (full body effect) while sativas are linked with a more cerebral effect (head high).

Physical Appearance

Another significant difference between these three strains is how their plants look.

Indica plants are typically much shorter and denser, while sativa plants are taller and slim. As for the hybrid, it has many possible physical appearances depending on the mix or combination of the hybrid.


How Can You Tell the Difference Between Sativa and Indica?

One of the best ways to tell the difference between indica and sativa is to be able to distinguish between the plants physically. This may even be more reliable than using their effects on the body because some strains of both indica and sativa do not behave typically at all.

Therefore, when it comes to physical appearance, the trick is recognizing that sativa plants are thin and long, and their leaves are also longer and thinner than most. Indica plants, on the other hand, have short and broad leaves while the plant itself is bushy.

Apart from their physical differences, there’s also the psychoactive part. Indicas induce more relaxation, while sativas are more euphoric and energy-boosting.


Does the Indica Terpene Profile Affect Sleep?

Yes, it does. Some terpenes have sedating properties while others do not, and generally speaking, the terpene profile for indica weed includes terpene with sedating properties such as myrcene and linalool.


What Terpenes in Indica are Most Common?

Several terpenes can be found in cannabis plants. Some examples of terpenes commonly found in indicas include:


This is the most abundant terpene that can be found in indica plants. It has an earthy and musky aroma, and it has been linked to health benefits, and anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties. Furthermore, myrcene has been used as a sleep aid, which is why indica strains rich in myrcene may also be helpful as an indica sleep aid.


This unique terpene typically gives a spicy and musky scent to indica strains. Beta-Caryophyllene, or BCP, is unique because it binds with CB2 receptors in the body, and it also has a myriad of potential health benefits.

Some of the health benefits that have been linked with this terpene include:

  • Pain-relief
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anxiety and depression treatment


This terpene can be found in over 200 plants, and it has a lavender scent with a hint of spiciness. Like most terpenes, it may possess some health benefits, including sedative effects, stress relief, and antimicrobial properties.


This terpene typically gives a citrus aroma to cannabis strains, where it is found in abundance. Like other terpenes, it has been linked with some health benefits, such as suppressing anxiety and antioxidant properties.


This terpene gives a woody or “hoppy” scent, and it also has a sedating effect. Some of the health benefits that have been linked with humulene include anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties.


Which Terpene is the Most Sedating?

A good number of terpenes that are found in indica strains have sedating effects, but myrcene comes out ahead as the terpene with the most sedating effect.

Interestingly, it is also the most abundant terpene in the average indica strains of cannabis.


What are Other Common Uses for Indica Weed?

Apart from its contribution to sleep and nighttime, indica weed has other uses. They include:

Relief from Stress and Anxiety

Due to its relaxing properties and the fact that it is rich in THC, indica weed is commonly used to relieve stress from a long day or help people dealing with anxiety cope a little better.

Relaxes Muscles

From anecdotal evidence, users of indica strains mention that they help their muscles relax and allow them to ease the tension from the day or maybe a workout session.

Decreasing Pain and Inflammation

Indica strains typically contain terpenes that possess pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is no surprise that one of the common uses of indica weed is to help relieve pain and decrease inflammation.


The 5 Best Nighttime Indica Strains

Some of the best nighttime indica strains that you can get include:

Grandaddy Purp Strain:

This is also referred to as GDP, and it is a very popular strain. As the name suggests, it has purple buds alongside a berry scent. Users of this indica sleep booster report that it has a relaxing effect. Furthermore, reports are that it typically contains 17-27% THC and about 1% CBD.

Forbidden Fruit Strain

This is a delicious strain with a mix of musk and tropical flavors. Its reported effects include sleep and a feeling of relaxation. Also, it has a THC content of about 16%, and its dominant terpene is myrcene.

Bubba Kush Strain

This strain is sometimes compared with a tranquilizer because of its potency in causing you to sleep. Therefore, it is one of the best to take at night time. You may call it an indica sleep aid. The THC content is somewhere between 17-27%.

LA Confidential Strain

This is famous for its sedating effects, even though it comes with some euphoria. It has a CBD content of less than 1% and a THC content of about 20%.

Purple Urkle

This is another strain widely touted for helping with sleep issues and insomnia. This indica sleep aid has also been linked with helping with pain. It has a THC content of about 18%, and the dominant terpene is myrcene.


Final Thoughts — Does Indica Make You Sleepy or Hyper?

Generally speaking, indica strains make you sleepy and relaxed instead of hyper. However, some strains may cause some energetic effects based on their compositions. You should also note that your genetic and biological wiring may affect whether you feel sleepy or hyper from taking indica.

However, if you’re wondering, “Is indica sleepy weed?” The answer is yes.


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