Does HHC Get You Higher Than Delta 8?

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Minor cannabinoids are the latest craze in the cannabis and hemp worlds. You’ve probably been hearing about them a lot: delta 8, HHC, delta 10, THCV, CBN, you name it. 

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp-derived cannabis products containing less than 0.3% of THC legal across all states, although certain states have since criminalized or regulated certain cannabinoids. There are over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis, all with different effects and benefits. While some are psychoactive, others are not.

At Delta Munchies, we put our heart and soul into cannabinoid products, whether they’re regular delta 9 THC or other cannabinoids. If your heart is calling you to try out alternatives to delta 9, it’s always best to research and find out if they’re the right option for you.

Let’s talk about a cannabinoid that’s been making its way across the market: HHC.

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Key Takeaways

  • HHC is psychoactive but 20%-30% less than delta 9. Its effects resemble those of sativa strains.
  • Delta 8 THC is psychoactive but 30%-40% less than delta 9. Its effects resemble those of indica strains.
  • HHC is a little bit stronger than delta 8. 


Does HHC Get You High?

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid that is naturally-occurring in cannabis, although in small amounts. 

HHC is psychoactive, which means it will get you high. Still, it’s not as potent as regular delta 9 THC. It’s said to be 70-80% as powerful as delta 9, so you’ll definitely feel high but not as high as if you ingested regular weed. 

Because it’s found in such small amounts, it’s usually manufactured in a lab by a process called hydrogenation, which is when hydrogen molecules are used to solidify, preserve or purify raw materials.

Although it was first discovered in 1944, the science community is still working on properly researching it to determine its benefits and effects.


Does Delta 8 Get You High?

Delta 8 THC is another minor cannabinoid that has been making waves in the community. 

This cannabinoid is a chemical cousin of delta 9: the only difference is where the double bond is found within its chemical structure. As you might be able to guess by the name, the double bond in delta 9 is found on the 9th chain, while it’s found on the 8th chain in delta 8.

Because of this tiny (but madly differentiating) chemical difference, delta 8 isn’t as potent as its cousin. Still, it can get you high because it is psychoactive. 


HHC Effects vs. Delta 8

While all psychoactive cannabinoids can have similar effects, there are slight differences that can help you decide which one is right for you.

Let’s get into the effects of HHC vs. delta 8.

HHC is often said to produce effects similar to those of sativa strains.

  • An energizing cerebral high with body relaxation.
  • It can increase focus and concentration.
  • A euphoric feeling that’s slightly less pronounced than with traditional THC.

On the other hand, delta 8 is the more well-known minor cannabinoid that has indica-esque effects.

  • It may help calm your mind and body.
  • It can give you the “munchies” by stimulating your appetite.
  • You might feel mildly euphoric.
  • It may help you sleep better.


HHC vs. Delta 8: What Gets You Higher?

If you compare HHC and delta 8, HHC is a bit stronger than the latter. Think of HHC as the stepping stone between delta 8 and delta 9: stronger than the first but not as intense as the second.

Still, it all comes down to how much you consume. Obviously, a higher dose of delta 8 will feel more intense than a lower dose of HHC, and vice versa. 

It’s always best to start off with a low dose, especially if it’s your first time. Once you’ve discovered the right dosage for your needs, you can increase or decrease it as necessary. 


HHC vs. Delta 8 According To Reddit

When talking about cannabinoids that are still being adequately researched, we must turn to the people. 

The real-life experiences of those who have consumed HHC and delta 8 give us insight into what the differences are. And where do we find these people? Reddit, of course.

According to Reddit, most people looking for a more potent high prefer HHC over delta 8. Some also mention HHC being more anxiety- and paranoia-friendly than delta 8, but this can vary from person to person. 

The fact that HHC and delta 8 are legal in most states is also a reason why so many people are turning to minor cannabinoids. Although hemp-derived, products containing HHC and delta 8 can have similar effects to delta 9, without the legal implications.

Still, make sure to check current laws in your state before indulging in these products.


Where To Buy HHC and Delta 8

At Delta Munchies, we’re passionate about hemp-derived products. We ensure that all of our products are safe for consumption and hard-hitting, even for our most stoner customers.

We make sure every one of our products has a certificate of analysis, do third-party lab testing for potency, quality, and compliance, and use our more than 15 years of cannabis experience to give you an unforgettable experience every time. 

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With 25mg of active cannabinoids per gummy, our Blue Razz HHC Gummies are a favorite for a reason. Not only are they potent and practical, but they taste like a dream, too. The blueberry and raspberry flavors are as yummy as the effects are euphoric. You’ll feel energetic yet mellow, boosted yet relaxed.

If you’d like to try a hand at vaping HHC, take a look at our Granddaddy Purp HHC Vape Cartridge. This indica-dominant strain has been a staple in the weed community, so it’s only fair that you get it in a cannabinoid that’s more nationally accessible. The grape and berry aroma and flavors are second to none, while this heavy-hitting strain will have you drifting off into another universe with your feet still planted firmly on the ground.

If you’re leaning more towards delta 8, we’ve got a ton of stuff for you too. Try our Watermelon Runtz Delta 8 Gummies, which pack a punch of flavor and mildly euphoric effects. The famous strain will have you feeling creative, relaxed, and joyful and also give you a case of the munchies. 

On the vaping side of things, our Melonado Delta 8 Vape is a dream. This disposable vape is less high-maintenance than regular cartridges, plus it delivers up to 1,000 hits of pure, unadulterated, melon-flavored delta 8. The indica-dominant strain is great for relaxing, putting on your favorite tunes, or just forgetting the world after a long day.

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