Does Black Pepper Make You Less High?

Black and white pepper corns in a glass tray.

Lately, TikTok videos and information around the web have provided claims that this spice could be helpful when you feel like you are too high. 

But the question arises, what do black pepper and weed have in common? Well, besides both making food incredibly tasty after consuming them, they have what we call terpenes. Black pepper and certain cannabis strain contain a specific terpene called beta caryophyllene which could actually be helpful to bring you down to earth after flying way too high.

In the article below, we’ve explored more about black pepper, how it works, and if it can diminish the high caused by THC. We also added a few tips to aid with the symptoms of getting too intoxicated as well. 


Key Takeaways

  • Black pepper is a widely known spice that has been used in Traditional Holistic practices like Ayurveda.
  • This spice has terpenes like beta-caryophyllene, known for its anti-inflammation properties.
  • Using black pepper might help lower a strong high by competing with THC for the endocannabinoid receptors.
  • While black pepper is useful, staying hydrated, avoiding alcohol, and choosing the right cannabinoids can also help to get a better experience overall.


What is Black Pepper?

You might know black pepper from making you sneeze once or twice during meals. This pretty common spice is native to South India and has the scientific name of Piper nigrum. The actual pepper comes from a peppercorn-like fruit that grows in broad leaves and long narrow flowers.

Once they’ve dried up, the peppercorns turn into what we know as the nuggets of spice you can crush and boost up any savory dish. Black pepper is a pretty common spice all-around kitchen cupboards in the world.

Thanks to sea trade, humans have used black peppercorns since old times for cooking and even to add for certain health benefits. In the ancient Indian Ayurveda system, this spice is considered to be the king of spice and is used in several holistic treatments, including stimulating the digestive and immune systems.


Why Black Pepper is Good for You

Much like old traditional medicine systems, black pepper can be used thanks to its beneficial properties nowadays. This spice contains high levels of antioxidants that can help to neutralize free radicals, which cause damage to our cells through excessive oxidation.

Other users have used this to soothe their gut inflammation and overall health by allowing the growth of friendly bacteria and even stimulating digestion after a hearty meal. Black pepper is also believed to help reduce cholesterol levels.


Terpenes in Black Pepper

Now, the main reason why black pepper is actually that good is thanks to terpenes. These molecules are aromatic compounds that can be found all over the different plants, giving them different sents but also acting with a second role to the metabolism.

While marijuana and hemp are one of the most popular plants we know terpenes of, black pepper uses them to deter pest insects, attract pollinizers, and even protect from stress coming from excess heat.

Black pepper has mostly a beta-caryophyllene concentration, a terpene responsible for several functions of our body. Let’s review a few of the benefits they can have in our metabolism.


Benefits of Beta-Caryophyllene

Besides aiding with strong highs, this terpene has plenty of potential benefits. The most studied one is its reliable protective effects against chronic inflammation.

This research showed that using beta-caryophyllene could aid pathologies that cause inflammation, oxidative stress, and even neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

Thanks to black pepper’s pharmacology, the benefits include brain protection, improving bloodstream circulation, aiding with cell stress, protecting the vascular system, and aiding as an anti-microbial agent.


Does Black Pepper Make you Less High?

In a nutshell, yes. However, here comes the scientific reasoning behind it: this cannabinoid can bind to the proteins in the CB2 receptor of our endocannabinoid system. This pathway in the nervous system is the same one used by certain cannabinoids, like delta 9 THC.

By stimulating this zone, it can modulate the psychotropic effects of other cannabinoids. This means it could potentially help with side effects like panic or paranoia, as this small spice can support relaxing feelings.

This mechanism is similar to how CBD works when helping to lower THC effects. Since this terpene modulates other receptors of the system, it could aid in leveling out the symptoms of getting too high.


Ways to Stay Less High 

There are a few natural ways to push your metabolism to stay less intoxicated and avoid a few unwanted side effects. Let’s have a look at some of our top suggestions.

Stay Hydrated 

Keeping your body hydrated is key! By drinking water and other liquids, you support your system to avoid dehydration. Some users claim dehydration can make the high even stronger or cause certain side effects. So try keeping a bottle of water nearby, it can even help with smoking discomfort and mouth dryness.

Avoid Alcohol

This is pretty important: try avoiding alcohol when smoking or consuming weed. While a beer or two might be okay, weed is an antiemetic. So if you mix weed and beer, besides the pretty strong psychoactive effects, you’ll feel higher and lose the vomiting reflex from getting too much alcohol. So try to stay away from alcohol when trying cannabinoid products.


Try taking your mind off the things that worry you, like if you are getting too high. Using sensory videos for kids or just getting your favorite old cartoon up can distract you from constantly thinking if you are too high or not. Enjoy the ride as much as you can, and remember that all of these symptoms are temporary.

Find Your Right Cannabinoid

The best way to keep your experience as pleasant as possible is by choosing the right cannabinoid for you and dosing accordingly. If you want potency with added benefits, the Delta 9 Gummies at the Delta Munchies store are a solid choice.

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Choosing the right cannabinoid ratio, like full spectrum delta 9 formulas, can help you get a functional high without any hassle or even a hangover. To avoid feeling overwhelmed with your high, try planning accordingly and start with small amounts of cannabinoids and try mixed formulas to enjoy a balanced experience.