Disposable vs. Rechargeable Vape Pen: The Full Comparison

Delta Munchies' Delta 8 Disposable and HHC cartridge with a lightning between them.

Vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabinoids nowadays. They are great for functional and recreational highs but provide discreet smoke that dissipátes easily. While other methods of vaping exist, the two most common ones are Disposable vaping pens and rechargeable devices.

Both are great ways to provide toking, but it all comes down to the kind of experience you want from vaping. Rechargeable vape pens offer a more custom experience but have the hassle of cleaning and the maintenance of your device.

On the other hand, disposables are easier to use and operate and provide an all-in-one experience. This can be useful for new users or people who want to venture into the world of extracts.

In the next article, you’ll find a comparison between both vaping experiences and a small rundown to let you choose your favorite.


Key Takeaways

  • Vaping has become a very popular way to enjoy cannabinoids. Two of the most common methods are through a disposable device or using a refillable one.
  • Disposable vapes are easy to use, skip the hassle of cleaning and maintenance, and are ready to use in an all-in-one product.
  • Disposables are not sustainable-friendly and can be more costly in the long run.


Advantages of Disposable Vapes 

Let’s have a quick review of these devices. Disposable vapes are single-use product that vaporizes oil, concentrates, and other extracts. They come fully pre-filled and pre-charged, and ready to use.

Now, let’s go with some of the pros of using this kind of device.

Easy to Use 

Unlike carts with different settings, disposable pens are ready to use from the get-go. Most of them come already charged, and some models even use automatic draw. This means you can pull on the mouthpiece and get your smooth smoke without an issue.

Nearly No Moving Parts or Pieces

This might be the best selling point if you don’t want to keep things complicated. Unlike carts, disposable vape pens have a single build with everything in one place. That means you don’t need to touch sticky Live Resin or change parts. Just use the pen and dispose of it when you are done.

Convenient for Short-Term Use

One of the biggest parts of hemp and cannabis culture is keeping a stash of products. Which, in hindsight, it can bulk up your space or might not be as discreet as you’d wish. Disposable pens skip this by providing a single-use, which is good for short-term use or if you don’t feel like starting your hemp collection.


When talking about costs, pens can be more affordable than cartridges in general. They usually have a bit more product, and some lines include a bigger chamber that allows dispensaries to use more extract in a single go. This way, you get more tokes without thinking about a refill.

Extensive Variety of Flavors

Pens deliver incredible flavors as they are concealed units. Compared to other types of vaping or caping extracts directly, disposable pens can be bought in many different flavors. From kushy notes to delicious fruity scents, pens can be found in whichever flavors you like.

Ready-to-use Out of the Box

The best deal about disposables is how practical they are. You just pull them out of the box, and they are ready for some smooth vapes. Most of them use a USB-type C port to charge and have a stand battery life ranging from a few hours to full days. But besides that, you won’t have to worry about clean up, maintenance, or even turning it off.


Disadvantages of Disposable Vapes

We’ve reviewed some of the best parts of disposable devices, but let’s visit a few of the most common cons users have reported. While minimal, it is important to get to know the disadvantages so you can choose the experience that works better with your flow.

Let’s dive into two of the most relevant.

More Costly than Rechargeable Vapes

Disposable vapes tend to be more costly in the long run. When using rechargeable devices, you just have to focus on getting more juice or your favorite distillate, which can be less pricey than buying a new device each time.

Not As Sustainable A Product 

Sadly, rechargeable vapes are not sustainable. While practical, most of these products might end up in a landfill instead of being properly recycled and repurposed. If possible, try to get them together and look for facilities that accept these devices to recover the battery and chamber portion for further use.


Advantages of Rechargeable Vapes

Now, let’s go with another type of device: rechargeable vapes. While these exist as full-on devices, cart-like systems also use refillable carts with an external battery. These are as diverse as all the strains out there, so make sure to choose one that adapts to your needs.

Let’s explore some advantages of using them instead of a disposable pen or cart.

Lots of Options for Flavor/Strains

Since rechargeable devices depend entirely on your choice of extracts, you can choose any kind of concentrate with flavors and strains. These devices can sometimes use other extracts, like shatter, or make a mix of your favorite terpenes and cannabinoids. So basically, you are free to choose the flavor profile and

Most Cannabinoids Available in carts

Carts and rechargeable devices can be heated to the temp you want. This leads to cannabinoids evaporating at the right temp, which can make or break an experience with certain extracts.

For example, CBD has a higher vaporizing temperature than delta 8 THC, meaning the juice will need more heat to allow more cannabinoids to get to your system.

Built to be Reused - Vape Can Be Higher Quality 

Refillable devices are meant to be used over and over again. So this gives them a higher quality in the construction of certain parts which need maintenance. Specifically, the heating elements and chamber are of better quality and can even be unclogged and cleaned for the next use.

This results in better overall quality, but it depends on the device and cart or extracts used. But in general, these products are built with reusability in mind.

Longer Battery Life

Some heating devices and batteries can have a much larger battery life than a vape pen. This might make a device slightly more expensive, but it also allows you to take tokes whenever you want without worrying you’ll be out of power.

Lower Long-Term Costs

This is also important. Remember that these devices are made to be used over and over? Well, this affects your long-term costs as well. While initially, the investment might be bigger than a single pen, just using a dedicated heating element for prefilled carts can make the difference between tasting the terpenes of a strain or just feeling harsh smoke.

So, in the long run, while both use the same type of extract, using rechargeable devices can provide a customized experience a lot easier.


Disadvantages of Rechargeable Vapes

Of course, using a rechargeable vape is not all good stuff. While the cons of using these products are minimal, it is important to know what kind of experience you want to have.

These also have an input on what kind of vaping user you are. A beginner user might feel more inclined for a single use to understand how delta 8 THC feels, while someone with more experience might be ready to have higher upfront costs for a totally new device.

Let’s check some of these, so you can make a more informed decision when vaping.

Regular Maintenance

Vaping devices need maintenance. From cleaning out the part that comes in contact with extracts, drying, and sometimes putting in overnight soaking solutions for the grime to loosen up from the chamber or mouthpiece parts.

Of course, these vapes might not need to be charged as much but having a cable at the ready is also important. So, having a rechargeable device requires more space and constant cleaning for the device to function properly.

More Breakable Parts

This is one of the main reasons why people stay away from complex devices, e-pipes or e-rigs. These devices have more parts than your single pen or even prefilled cart with a battery, meaning they can either break or get lost in the maintenance process.

Some widely known brands might have spare parts or support, but typical cheap batteries are usually also done when overused or broken.

Higher Upfront Costs

Lastly, this might be one of the steering points for users. While in general, 510 batteries can be cheap, more complicated devices or vaporizers can go from the hundreds to the thousands, depending on what you want.

While a vaping pen can go for less than 50 bucks, some entry-level devices can go pretty costly if you want a higher-end experience. In the end, just be mindful of how much you want to spend when choosing one experience over the other, or find a place in the middle with prefilled carts and an external battery or heating device.

Disposable vs. Rechargeable: Which One is Right for Me?

This a hard question to answer, as it all depends on what kind of experience you want. If you already have a battery or dedicated device that gives you the right temp, you might want to go for a cart like the Maui Wowie HHC Vape. While a dedicated device can be a little pricier, pre-filled carts can provide more flavors than extracts on their own.

The cart has medical-grade glass and soft tokes with a full gram of our top-shelf extract. This one has delicious tropical notes that balance out with some of the sourness and diesel-like tones. So if you have a battery to bring the best out of each puff, you’ll be better off choosing a cart.

However, if you want to be discreet and skip looking for your battery each time, go for a disposable vape pen like the Medellin Delta 8 Disposable. This pen has 2g of our premium extract, which is great for having more puffs on the go, sharing, and not wondering if your current pen will run out.

Out of stock

This pen has kushy and smooth notes thanks to its automatic mechanism, allowing you to have up to 1000 puffs without worrying about your juice running out. And as a sativa-hybrid strain, we’d recommend it for daytime use to stay productive and boosted with energy.

So, in a nutshell, both give pretty good experiences, but it all comes down to whether you want to invest in a heating device or want an all-in-one experience that skips this small customization.


Where to Find the Best Vapes Online

Choosing between a rechargeable or disposable can seem difficult at first, but once you’ve figured out how each one works, it all comes down to customization and needs when vaping. Disposable can provide an excellent entry level to cannabinoids, while other devices can heat up to the perfect temp for potency or flavor.

If you want a disposable device, the Dart XL line at the Delta Munchies store is a great starting point. These vapes use top-notch technology that impedes clogging and a type-C charger for convenience.

These come in different strains and flavors, but two of our favorites are the sativa-hybrid Melonado and indica-hybrid Grape Runtz. Each comes with 2 full grams of our delicious delta 8 THC extract with strain-specific terpenes for added effects and flavor. The Melonado flavor has strong fruity and skunky notes that balance out each other pretty well, while Grape Runtz has more of a sweet and indulging side that will feel like a treat with each puff.


Now, if you want to invest to ensure your smoke’s terpene and burning quality, go for our HHC vape cartridges line instead. We love the Grand Daddy Purp HHC Cart, known for its strong indica-experience and candy-like grape flavor, and the Alien OG HHC Cart, full of kushy and citrusy notes.

Both of these come with our top-shelf HHC extract with a full gram and are fully customizable with any device that uses the 510-standard thread. Expect feelings of relaxation and a mind buzz and a pretty heavy body effect with Grand Daddy Purp. Alien OG has more energizing and euphoric feeling that might even lead to giggles and creativity.