Candyland Strain: Genetics, Effects & Flavor

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If you are looking for a street sweet and tasty strain of marijuana, the Candyland strain is definitely something to look into. 

As the name implies, this is one of the sweetest and fruitiest strains out there, and not only does it taste great, but it looks absolutely amazing too. This is one of the most colorful strains that you will ever see.

The Candyland marijuana strain is also one that is known for being quite uplifting and energizing, thanks to it being a fairly powerful sativa. Today, we want to take a closer look at the Candyland weed strain to see exactly what you are in for if you consume it. 

We’re going to talk about the taste, the terpenes, the effects it has, how much THC it contains, and much more.

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Key Takeaways

  • Candyland is a sativa-heavy strain.
  • This strain contains an average of 19% THC.
  • Candyland produces a strong head high. 
  • The Candyland strain is sweet, earthy, and a bit spicy. 


What is the Candyland Strain?

The Candyland strain is a sativa strain that is a cross between Bay Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, two other very popular strains that have garnered a lot of attention over the years.

It features a moderate THC level, so it is ideal for beginners, yet it still has enough THC to be ideal for seasoned smokers who need something that is really going to hit them in the head.

This cannabis is sweet and fruity, the buds feature many bright colors, and its cerebral head high is ideal for daytime consumption. It’s the kind of weed that’s going to make you feel pretty high without knocking you out.


Candyland Strain Appearance

In terms of appearance, the Candyland strain features fairly elongated buds. Unlike other strengths that have round or pebble shaped buds, these ones look more like spades or shovel heads. 

At the same time, the buds are also fairly compact. In terms of density, they are fairly moderate. So, while you can squeeze them together a little bit, there isn’t too much give there.

As for the color, these buds tend to be camouflage colored, or in other words, they feature various shades of green, all the way from light green to dark green.

However, what really stands out is the sheer amount of purple on these buds. Some specific buds may contain more purple than green and a good deal of those orange hairs that we all love to see. This is all complemented by a super thick, white, and crystally layer of those THC-laden trichomes.


Candyland Strain Genetics

Candyland is a sativa strain, or at least a sativa-dominant strain, roughly 75% to 85% sativa, which means that it is known for producing a fairly strong cerebral head high. As we mentioned before, this is a cross between two popular strains, Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies.

First, we have Bay Platinum Cookies, which is a very popular sativa that is made by crossing Bay 11 with Platinum Cookies. It contains roughly 19% THC, features a cerebral high, and has a lemony and earthy flavor.

We then have Grandaddy Purple, which is technically an indica, or at least an indica-dominant hybrid that is made by crossing Afghani, Skunk, and Mendo Purps. It has a strong grape and berry taste combined with a fairly low 17% THC level. 

Although this is an indica-heavy strain, when this and Bay Platinum Cookies are bred into Candyland, the result is a very sativa-heavy strain. 

THC/CBD Content

On average, the Candyland strain contains roughly 19% THC. Although, depending on the exact plan, you can expect it to contain anywhere between 17% and 21% THC. That said, 19% is fairly moderate, which means that it should be OK for beginners to try, especially in smaller quantities. 

That said, if you smoke a decent sized joint, you’re still going to get pretty high, so it is also ideal for seasoned smokers. As for CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids, Candyland only contains very negligible amounts of them.


Candyland Strain Terpenes

Due to the wide array of flavors contained in both of the parent strains, you can expect Candyland to have a very complex scent and flavor profile. 

This is thanks to the various terpenes it contains, with caryophyllene being the dominant one, followed by limonene and linalool, and then humulene, pine, myrcene, and terpinolene. 

We’ll take a closer look at what this means in terms of flavors further below.


Candyland Strain Effects

The Candyland strain is very sativa heavy, so some of the effects that you can expect to feel are happiness and euphoria. You should also feel quite uplifted and energetic, and even talkative, giggly, and social.

Generally speaking, this is not the kind of weed that is going to put you to sleep or make you feel very hungry.

With that being said, there are some elements of indica contained here, so if you smoke a large quantity, you might start feeling sleepy about an hour or so after consuming it. When consumed in moderate quantities, candy land makes for a great daytime strain. 

Many people do like how smooth the smoke here is, but if your vape is still too harsh, follow these tips.



Candyland Strain Reported Flavors

As the name implies, Candyland can be quite sweet, fruity, and berry-like. However, thanks to the many terpenes it contains, you’ll also get a hint of spice and earthiness. Most people say that the flavor of Candyland is quite enjoyable. 


Candyland Strain Growing Info

When compared to other strains, Candyland is fairly easy to grow. It grows well both indoors and out, with harvests happening in September for outdoor grows, and the flowering period taking about 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors. 

This is a fairly resilient plant, so it is beginner friendly. When grown outdoors, expect it to produce a whopping 2 to 3 pounds of bud per plant, compared to a measly 2 or 3 ounces when grown indoors.


Strains Like Candyland Strain

Some strains that are similar to Candyland include Bay Platinum Cookies, Pineapple Express, Lemon Haze, Mimosa, Golden Goat, Girl Scout Cookies, and Jack Skellington. 

In case you are having trouble getting your vape to hit properly, no matter the stain, click here for some troubleshooting tips.