Can you Take Delta 8 and Delta 9 Together?

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Old weed users might feel delta 8 THC is a little too mild, with the expected wellness or recreational effects. Now, delta 9 THC can be used together with this hemp-derived cannabinoid to get the best of both worlds.

By mixing both cannabinoids, you can get a stronger recreational high and even more powerful effects. But knowing how to mix them is critical to get the best experience and potential benefits.

In this article, we’ll explore what each of these cannabinoids is, how they work together, the potential effects, and how to go around mixing them. So let’s go together and understand how these can work in tandem, whether they need to target different ailments or get you buzzed even harder.

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Key Takeaways

  • Delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC are cannabinoids that are psychoactive and are part of the hemp plant.
  • While both have a similar composition, delta 9 THC is considered more potent overall.
  • If used together, delta 8 and delta 9 can provide an even stronger experience and potentiate the effects without using too much delta 9.
  • Consumers can use both to get even better relief from certain potentially solved symptoms.


What is Delta-8?

Let’s start with the “milder” sibling of these two psychoactive cannabinoids. First, delta-8 THC is naturally found in hemp. It occurs naturally but in very small portions, making it difficult to use without synthesizing through CBD.

Like its isomer, delta 9 THC, it affects the endocannabinoid system by binding to the proteins of the CB1 receptors. Since they are not as strongly bound, the overall effects of this cannabinoid are considered less potent than regular THC.

So, in general, delta 8 is thought to be half as potent as delta 9 THC. However, while milder, it can still cause some side effects, albeit weaker than what big quantities of regular THC could have on your body.


What is Delta-9?

Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as delta 9 THC, is one of the six major cannabinoids found in cannabis. It is pretty well researched and investigated, and it is known as the “regular” THC.

Delta 9 THC can cause effects like relaxation, euphoria, and a relaxing body buzz. While it can hold potential for different treatments, the most important one helps treat chronic pain. Other studies have also helped the antiemetic properties of delta 9 THC in cancer patients.

Now, delta 9 THC is technically under the Controlled Substance Act. That means it is illegal, and only a few states have legislation allowing the consumption of what we know as medicinal cannabis. 

These usually need licensing and an actual health practitioner to indicate the use of cannabis. Delta 8 THC, on the other hand, is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that can be produced and bought whenever as part of the Farm Bill 2018.


Why Combine Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC?

Well, now that we know both, you might ask yourself if delta 8 and delta 9 THC combined are good. Well, while there are many reasons why you’d mix cannabinoids, it depends on what kind of experience you seek.

There are two main things you’d want to mix together. First, It could help to reduce inflammation and overall pain situation. The second reason to use them together y to amplify certain effects that you’d like to enhance. Let’s check each of them.

Pain Management

The first and most important thing you’d look for is to aid some pain relief. Both cannabinoids are believed to help physical and mental pains effectively, thanks to their pharmacology effects on inflammation and overall pain management.

Some users with different pain levels might find that delta 8 THC is better used for mild aches, while delta 9’s powerful effects can potentially aid emetic and more chronic pain. By using the two together, you can potentially get better relaxation of the aching zone.

Amplify Certain Effects

Some people would like to combine both cannabinoids can amplify some of the effects. These kinds of synergies are usually called the entourage effect. This usually happens with CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, but it can also affect psychoactive ones like delta 8 and delta 9.

Since delta 8 binds to the proteins in the CB1 and CB2 receptors, it can aid with extra relaxation and inflammation after using it together with delta 9 THC. And using products with multiple cannabinoids can help with overall sleep, energy, and even other purposes like creativity. 

With that said, research on mixing both is scarce, and more studies would be needed to think of treatment properly. So most of what we think it can amplify, like pain relief, aiding inflammation, and even appetite, are mostly insights taken from consumers and the pharmacology of cannabinoids and how they interact with our system.


Is Mixing Delta-8 and Delta-9 Safe

Another of the most important questions for anyone curious about mixing hemp cannabinoids is, “Is it safe to mix delta 8 and delta 9?” Yes, it is possible to mix them both safely. 

Regarding research, there are almost no reports about delta-8 and delta-9 having side effects when used together. However, users have said that CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids together could lower the side effects since they are part of delta 9 THC’s full spectrum formulas.

If you are a newcomer to the hemp scene, we recommend using only delta 8 or going for really low doses of both. Even a quarter of a gummy could be a great starting place, especially since they can be stronger together.

Be sure to have CBD handy if you are trying both, as it can potentially counteract some of the adverse effects while providing relaxation in general.


Effects of Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC

Regarding the effects, both cannabinoids offer similar experiences. That said, the differences in their molecular structure make them a tad different in terms of the potency of those effects. Delta 8 is believed to have between 50 to 70% of the potency of delta 9.

Delta 9 is well known for providing euphoric and highly relaxing effects for both the mind and body. Similarly, delta 8 offers a mind and body buzz and a burst of energy and physical relaxation.


Strengths of Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC

While each cannabinoid is different, some people might be wondering if the strength of both together has a different effect on our bodies. Well, it depends. Since delta 8 THC has strong body relaxation and euphoric feeling effects, it supports some areas that delta 9 THC does not aid completely.

Delta 8 is usually referred to as a mild, Sativa-like experience that can feel energetic and clear-headed when high. Delta 9 used in edibles can make you tired, drowsy, or even a little numb. When used together, these effects and feelings are mixed and sometimes support each other.

The mix of both strengths, most of the time, comes down to the ratio of both cannabinoids you are having. As you might know, delta 9 THC can overpower delta-8’s effects easily, thanks to this cannabinoid’s affinity to our receptors. Meaning the “delta 8 high” will get run over the actual effects in delta 9.

Instead of a euphoric high, you might even feel drowsy and have muscle relaxation while also helping with inflammation. Furthermore, you might not feel as clear-headed as with delta 8, but you might still get chill and talkative while also getting an experience of a stronger balanced high.

Make sure to adjust the dosage and ratio of both cannabinoids depending on your needs, as it can hit even stronger than just getting more delta 9 THC. However, since delta 8 works around the same receptors as delta 9, you might get fewer side effects than using a higher dosage.


Delta 8 vs. Delta 9 High

Knowing some of the potential effects, you might be curious about how it feels. While this, too, depends on the method used, the way and how much you consume can also alter the high. Delta 8 gummies can sometimes take about 30 minutes to kick in, and if delta 9 is used in a vape, it might get quickly to your system.

As we mentioned above, research about the use of both is rather scarce, but anecdotal evidence can suggest a few things. Let’s explore a little how users have described their experience so far.

First, users have reported starting with a mild psychoactive feeling and deep body sensations. It starts with a relaxing and calming sensation that starts to numb and relax your body.

Some users then start to feel the delta 9 high slowly slither its way in. A few effects like feeling their eyes tired, head tension, and feeling generally chill. Some people start to lose the euphoric sensation that delta 8 gives at this point and end up with a stronger delta 9 THC sensation.

This depends on the general ratio you use with delta 8 and delta 9 THC. Altogether, using less delta-9 THC can aid in wellness goals like aiding with inflammation and general muscular pain. Adding more regular THC can aid with nerve pain surrounding the area, and the three kinds of problems can be part of recurring symptoms of diagnoses like rheumatism or arthritis.


Can You Take Delta 8 and 9 Together?

Now, to the final question. Can you mix delta 8 and delta 9? The answer is yes, but it’s not as simple as it might seem. You need to take into account your own experience with past cannabinoids, your metabolism, and the goal of using them together.

Firstly, newcomers might want to stick with delta 8 THC on their own. Since the recreational high can offer a pretty strong experience, you might want to practice and get used to a milder effect at the start. 

More knowledgeable consumers might also want to start low, as two psychoactive cannabinoids together can get pretty strong. Since the entourage effect can potentiate, even a small portion of both can be overwhelming in large quantities.

Secondly, try being conscious about how your metabolism interacts with cannabinoids. Try both of the cannabinoids on their own in small quantities first to understand how your body reacts and absorbs them, even if you are using them merely for recreational effects.

This is the third item to consider your goals of using these two together. Before trying any cannabinoid with health goals in mind, always consult your healthcare provider to make sure it’s the treatment that works best for you.

Now, you might have to adjust the dose if you want stronger anti-inflammation properties, as delta 9 could overpower delta 8’s effects thanks to its affinity to the ECS. Or if having more potential nerve support is part of your needs, you’ll want to adjust the delta-9 dose instead. Make sure you adjust accordingly and get the best out of your own experience.


Where to Buy Delta 8 & Delta 9 Online

Now that we’ve gone through the basics of mixing these two cannabinoids, you might want to buy them from a dispensary that’s discreet and quick to get to your home. At the Delta Munchies store, you can check both of these hemp-derived compounds in different presentations.

For example, if you try gummies, you can mix our Delta-9 Gummies with the delicious Delta 8 Watermelon Runtz. The delta-8 gummies pack comes with 25mg of a delicious extract with fresh and sour notes with each bite from this infused candy.


The delta 9 version comes with 10mg of THC and 15mg of other cannabinoids in the powerful full spectrum formula. You can try them in both the delicious Strawberry Shortcake and tropical Mango Crush to have different flavors. For beginners, we’d recommend trying half of each or even a quarter if of each gummy, so they don’t hit too hard at first.

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Or to try a stronger edible with over 300mg of delta 8 THC extract, the Green Apple Sour Belt is the perfect infused treat to share around or mix in with some friends. These are pretty potent, so we’d. actually recommend only mixing if you have some experience with cannabinoids already.

Vaping and having a gummy can be helpful for users that want to relax and slowly let the edibles’ effects slip in slowly. So while it might not be as strong as double edibles, they can also add a boost to the symptoms and ease out the first minutes as you absorb the gummy or infused-product,

If you want to try a delta 8 THC vape, you can mix it with a few gummies, either the deliciously fruity and diesel-like Medellin Dart XL 2g vape pen or go for the pastry-like Dutch Treat Delta 8 Vape Cart. They both use premium delta 8 THC extract with incredible pull, depending if you want a disposable option or use a cart with your favorite battery.

The first one is more of a hybrid option to stay giggly and relaxed all day, and the Dutch Treat has more of an indica feeling, perfect for heading off to bed with a delta 9 THC gummy. The Dart XL line has two full grams of delicious delta-8 THC extract, while the cart line has less extract with only one gram but with the same premium feeling.

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Lastly, you can also mix a gummy with some tinctures to feel relaxed and have both a euphoric and body buzz. The Delta 8 THC Tincture at the Delta Munchies store has 1000mg of our top-shelf extract, and it is available in 4 delicious flavors: Mango, Cherry Lime, Sour Apple, and even Strawberry. 

Have a few drops with a delta 9 gummy, ready to unwind for the day, or give your weekend downtime a little boost. Or try adding it to your tea during the day and have a gummy right before sleeping with some hemp-flavored drink before going to bed.