Can Cured Flower Have High Delta 9 THC?

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If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you may have heard of something called “curing” weed flower. But what is curing weed flower? What are the benefits of curing weed flower? Can cured cannabis flower have high delta 9 THC? 

We’re going to take a look at what cured flower is, what hemp-derived THC is, and why these things matter when it comes to choosing quality cannabis.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cured flower is cannabis flower that gets stored in a dry, dark space to develop stronger flavors and aromas.
  • To properly cure flower, you have to store your flower for a few weeks.
  • Sun exposure degrades THC. Hence, cured flower does have higher levels of THC than uncured flower.


What is Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC?

Hemp-derived delta 9 THC is tetrahydrocannabinol that is harvested from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant. Remember, while both are considered cannabis plants, hemp and marijuana are two different plants. Both hemp and marijuana contain THC; however, marijuana contains THC in much larger amounts than hemp.

We’re beginning to see a lot more hemp-derived THC on the market because of its recent change in legality. In 2018, the United States government passed the Farm Bill. The Farm Bill (among other things) stated that THC could be harvested from the hemp plant as long as the THC content of the extraction was 0.3% or lower.

This change in legality allowed cannabis scientists and researchers to seize the opportunity to study, harvest, and cultivate hemp-derived THC on a federally legal level. This has allowed hemp-derived products (like Delta Munchies) to be legally sold in all 50 states across America.


What is Cured Flower?

Once you have a fully grown, mature cannabis plant, it has to be correctly harvested to be enjoyed properly. When cultivating cannabis flower, there are a few steps to properly complete the harvest:

  • Pick the buds at the end of the growing stage. You don’t want to pick them too late, or they may overmature and lose potency.
  • Dry your buds. It’s important to expel any moisture from your buds so that the flower is able to be burned and smoked or vaped.
  • Cure your buds. Once your flower is dry, store it for a couple of weeks in a dark, dry location so that it can develop stronger aromas and flavors from its terpenes. Curing your flower also increases its shelf life and can help to minimize the risk of mold, which is extremely dangerous to inhale via smoking.

Cured flower is the result of leaving your cannabis flower in a dark, cool, airtight space for a couple of weeks. Curing flower helps it reach its full potential and can even have an effect on THC levels.


Why Cure Cannabis Flower?

There are a few reasons why curing cannabis flower is so important. While it’s only a single step in the harvesting process, it may be the most important one of them all.

  • Curing cannabis flower keeps it away from sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will break down the THC molecules in the flower.
  • Curing cannabis flower keeps it away from heat and oxygen. Not only will both heat and oxygen break down the THC molecules in the cannabis flower, but they can also make your flower too dry and can render it stale.
  • Curing cannabis flower keeps it away from moisture. This is extremely important because cannabis flower that is too moist is not only super difficult to smoke but can attract mold. Smoking or inhaling any kind of mold is extremely dangerous!
  • Curing cannabis flower helps its flavors and aromas to strengthen. Cannabis contains chemical compounds called terpenes, which are largely responsible for the signature taste and smell of marijuana. (You can even see them––terpenes are the beautiful hairs or crystals that are on the outside of buds!)

Curing cannabis flower is important for a variety of reasons, but some people like to compare it to letting the flower “marinate.” Allowing the cannabis flower to develop over time can help to increase the potency of its delta 9 THC content.


How to Cure Your Own Flower

If you want to cure your own flower at home, you can do it in a few simple, easy steps!

  • Dry and prepare your buds. Even though curing your buds will continue to dry them, the initial drying stage must be done first to properly cure your flower. If the buds were dried still on their branches, they must be trimmed and separated from the sugar leaves. If the buds have been dried individually, you’re ready for the next step.
  • Put them in airtight containers. After your buds are nice and dry, put the buds into airtight containers (such as mason jars.) Make sure not to pack the buds in too tightly––you want them to be able to “breathe” in a sense. Pack the buds in loosely and fill your containers roughly three-quarters of the way.
  • Store your containers in a cool, dark place. When choosing a place to let your cannabis flower cure, it’s extremely important that they are stored in a cool, dark place. (60% to 65% humidity is ideal.) Remember: you always want to keep your buds away from sunlight, oxygen, heat, and moisture.
  • Time to cure! Now, all there is to do is wait. During the first couple of weeks, it’s recommended to check your buds daily. You can open the lids for a few minutes to give the buds some fresh air and the jar a little shake. Make sure to continue to check on them once a day for around two weeks, continually monitoring humidity levels. After around three weeks, they should be ready to go! (Pro tip: if you have the patience, the longer cannabis is cured, the better it may be. Some people even recommend curing your buds for up to six months for optimal results!)

While drying your cannabis flowers will make them ideal for use, curing cannabis allows you to develop its flavors and aromas, taking your experience to a whole new level. It’s definitely worth the extra time and effort.


Can Cured Flower Have High Delta 9 THC?

Can cured flower have high delta 9 THC? Yes! In fact, cured flower tends to have higher levels of THC than uncured flower. The process of curing your flower includes keeping it away from sunlight, oxygen, heat, and moisture; all four of those things are THC killers!

When cannabis flower is exposed to long periods of sunlight, it can break down the THC molecules inside, rendering the flower much less potent. Heat and oxygen can do the same, making the flower become stale. Moist cannabis flower will be extremely difficult to smoke and can be breeding grounds for mold, which is extremely dangerous to inhale in any capacity.


What Has the Highest Potency of Delta 9 THC?

Products that are potent with delta 9 THC may vary; most products will tell you the THC percentage on their packaging, if you want to make sure you know exactly how much THC is in every item you’re consuming. However, in general, products that contain cannabis flower that has been cured will most likely have a higher level of THC than products that contain cannabis flower that has not been cured.


Where to Buy Delta 9 THC Online

Since hemp-derived delta 9 THC has been legalized on a federal level but not in every state, that means the easiest place to buy delta 9 THC is online. Some states that still have not legalized delta 9 THC may not have physical access to quality cannabinoid products, but many online retailers––like us here at Delta Munchies––ship federally legal delta 9 THC straight to your door.