Blue Smoke from Weed: What Does it Mean?

Marijuana bud emerging from a blue cloud of smoke.

If you’ve ever experienced seeing blue smoke while going at it with a fat joint, you probably had one of two reactions: either “what the heck is this laced with?” or “nice, blue smoke.” 

While it might be frightening (or interesting) to see blue smoke rising from your smoking gadget of choice, there’s a logical explanation behind it all, we promise.

In fact, it’s kind of a cool science experiment thing, although we doubt any schools will be accepting blue-smoke joints at the science fair any time soon. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Blue smoke is generally nothing to be afraid of, and it is not dangerous.
  • The smoke isn’t actually blue; you just see it blue because of the Law of Rayleigh Scattering.
  • The Law of Rayleigh Scattering says that when sunlight particles interact with others, they can switch colors. 


Is Weed Smoke Really Blue?

You might think you’re tripping a little too hard if you see blue smoke coming from your joint, but you’re absolutely not. You’re definitely seeing blue smoke. 

While it might seem scary because the automatic first thought is whether or not the weed is laced with butane or another harmful chemical, rest assured. The smoke isn’t actually blue, and you’re just lucky enough to witness a scientific visual phenomenon that you’ll be able to ponder in your high state.

The smoke isn’t actually blue, although it sure looks like it. Rather, it’s all due to something called the Law of Rayleigh Scattering.


The Law of Rayleigh Scattering

While the entire explanation behind the Law of Rayleigh Scattering is pretty complex, we’re going to try to make it easy to understand. Even we wracked our brains trying to comprehend the meaning behind scary, big, sciencey words.

Basically, the Law of Rayleigh Scattering comes down to the distribution of light due to the particles that are present in the atmosphere. It’s the reason why the sky is blue, the clouds are white, and your smoke is blue, too. 

When sunlight particles distribute through the particles in the atmosphere way up high (even higher than you), the collision between the two means shorter wavelengths, which cause blueish hues, while longer ones lean more on the red side of light. Perhaps this is why you get red eyes after smoking?

When it comes to joints, blunts, pipes, or whatever else you’re smoking, the same logic applies. A short wavelength is caused when the sun and the smoke particles collide, giving it a blue tone that might have you wondering what in tarnation is going on. 

Basically, it’s a fluke of physics that leads to a really cool visual experience, especially if you’re tripping.

So why is the smoke not blue once you exhale it? Simple: once the smoke comes in contact with your lungs by inhaling it (try out some cool tricks while you’re at it), the properties of the particles change. 

In your lungs, they’ll be covered in whatever and increase in size, so when you exhale, the smoke comes out as white as you’d expect it to. This same logic applies to why clouds are white against the blue sky.

If you think about it, there aren’t many differences between you and the sky. Both you and the sky are super high, at the mercy of the marvels of physics, and produce big clouds. 

As nice as it is to be human, it’s also pretty cool to have so much in common with the universe and nature that surrounds you. 


Where To Get Smoked (Or Vaped)

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