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Unlike CBD and other hemp products, delta 9 THC gummies contain the psychoactive substance found in the hemp plant—which means you will definitely get high by consuming delta 9 edibles or vaping delta 9 concentrates. 

Another similar cannabinoid found in hemp is delta 8, which is not as strong as delta 9 because of the difference in how our body receives these substances.  

A lot of people who are new to eating edibles are afraid that they might get too high. It’s probably because of the stories they hear from other people who had a bad experience of being super high after eating too many edibles. 

Well, that is not always the case, especially if you learn how to dose edibles like delta 9 gummies properly.

Other people swear that they can’t get high on edibles compared to using concentrates like vapes, wax, dabs, and bud itself. That can be possible if their tolerance is too high and they are not getting the full dose required for them to feel the high that delta 9 brings. 

If you are one of those people who are afraid to get high or don’t seem to get high by eating edibles—you came to the right place.

This article will explain the proper delta 9 gummy dosage, how much THC is in delta 9 gummies, and how many you need to eat to get high. So get ready to learn how to get the best high and learn all about the effects, what to expect, and the positive benefits of delta 9 gummy consumption.

What are the Effects of Delta 9?

Delta 9 is consumed through different methods, and one of the most common options is vaping. However, many people don’t like to smoke. And if that is the case you can always try consuming delta 9 gummies to enjoy the therapeutic effects of this cannabinoid.

People react differently to delta 9 gummies, but the most common effects that most people feel are relaxation, euphoria, a sense of peace, and tranquility. 

Delta 9 gummies will not only relax your body, but it has an effect that will put both your body and mind at ease. It is some sort of a mental buzz, but it will not get you too high not to function properly such as other THC products. 

With these relaxing effects, you will definitely benefit from consuming delta 9 gummies after a long day at work, especially if your work can be too stressful.

However, because it still contains the psychoactive substance, THC, delta 9 can still cause anxiety and paranoia for new users and non-chronic smokers—especially if they take more than the proper dose.

Aside from these minor side effects, studies show that D9 may help with chronic pain, neuropathic pain symptoms, and other illnesses without causing major side effects. 

Another benefit of D9 gummies is promoting better sleep quality. Delta 9 can help people who have trouble sleeping get enough sleep and eventually live happier and more energetic lives. In addition, D9 gummies are also excellent in giving people a creativity boost—making them more productive throughout the day.

If you want to enjoy more D9 benefits, you can also choose to get full spectrum delta 9 gummies, which means it has a lot more cannabinoids that could benefit the body and give you a better high—if that is what you are looking for.

How High Does Delta 9 get you?

Although D9 has a lower THC volume than buds, vape, and other THC concentrates, it is still stronger than CBD and delta 8—meaning it can get you high. So if you are not looking to get high, delta 9 is probably not for you. 

However, the level of high you get will depend on many factors such as tolerance, genetics, body weight, age, and more. If you are planning to take delta 9 gummies, you should expect to get to a specific level of intoxication—depending on how many gummies you take.

The high will depend on your method of consumption, how much delta 9 is consumed, how frequently you use the product, the quality of the product, your sensitivity to delta 9 THC, and the efficiency of your metabolism—which varies for different users.

How long does Delta 9 get you high?

Studies say that one dose of 9mg of delta 9 THC will last about 45 minutes. However, the effects of delta 9 vary from user to user. Some factors that affect the high duration are the user’s tolerance to substances like THC and the number of gummies the user consumes. Some people feel the effects for hours, depending on how many milligrams of THC gummies they consume.

If it is your first time taking delta 9 THC gummies, but you have been a chronic weed smoker for a while, 2 to 3 gummies or 10 to 15mg might be a good dosage for you to feel the effects. 

If you are not a smoker and just want to feel the effects of being high on delta 9 for the first time, one gummy should be enough. Just add to your dosage little by little if you cannot feel the effect. Chances are you are not yet that sensitive to the substance since it is your first time.

How Much THC is in Delta 9 Gummies?

Unlike the amount of THC that comes from indica and sativa cannabis plants, delta 9 doesn’t have as much since the substance is extracted from hemp. Delta 9 is still THC, and pure D9 THC will have 100%.

However, in edibles like gummies where the THC is concentrated—these products vary from 10mg of THC per gummy and up to 250mg of THC for an entire pack of gummies.

On the other hand, full spectrum delta 9 has a higher concentration of THC, which will most likely get you higher than regular delta 9 THC gummies. Taking the recommended dose is best if you don’t want to be super high and not be able to function. 

Plus, you can enjoy most of the benefits without feeling the side effects of paranoia and anxiety with just a regular dose—considering you have taken THC before.

How Long for Delta 9 Gummies to Kick In?

Again, the time you need to wait before the gummies kick in depends on various factors, such as your sensitivity to THC and metabolism. If you have a faster metabolism, the maximum wait time before the delta 9 kicks in is around 30 minutes tops. 

For others, it takes up to 60 minutes or more, but the duration can last for hours. Before adding more, you might want to observe how you are feeling from 30 to 60 minutes—especially if it is your first time taking delta 9 gummies.

How Many Delta 9 Gummies to Get High?

If you are looking to experience the euphoric effects of being high on delta 9 gummies, 10mg is a good amount to take. Some brands sell 10mg gummies, while others sell them at 5mgs a piece. 

So depending on the amount of THC in one gummy—1 to 2 gummies should be enough for a full dose to experience all the effects. However, if you are not a big smoker and have never experienced consuming THC ever, our recommended dose is 5mg.

However, you might want to note that this recommended number of gummies to take to get high is just in general. And as mentioned above, the effects vary from person to person depending on their metabolism, tolerance, and other underlying factors.

Can You Overdose on Delta 9 Gummies?

Unlike hard substances, saying that delta 9 gummies are safer is an understatement. 

Although there is such a thing as overdosing on delta 9 gummies, the worst-case scenario is you fall asleep and wake up feeling a little groggy if you sleep more than 8 hours. However, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to take a significant amount of delta 9 just to achieve a better high. 

Sometimes little doses are still the best if you want to reap all the health benefits of delta 9 THC.

What is considered a high dose of Delta 9 THC?

30mg of delta 9 can be considered a high dose for people who are not chronic smokers. However, some people with higher tolerances to marijuana can take an even higher dose of 50 to 60mg—and still not be high enough. 

For someone who does not smoke or eat edibles that often—5 to 10mg of delta 9 gummies will surely be enough for you to feel the euphoric and therapeutic effects.

Where to Buy Delta 9 Gummies Online?

If you have read the article, got the information you are looking for, and want to try delta 9 gummies—make sure you get them from a reputable brand, such as Delta Munchies. Trusted brands like us ensure that all our products are properly dosed to make sure that our customers are safe and get what they deserve for the price. Here are some of our best-selling delta 9 THC gummy products.

Strawberry Shortcake Gummies

These 10mg gummies come in packs of 25 and 45. Aside from THC and CBD, these gummies are filled with many cannabinoids that can produce a very relaxing effect—which is the perfect way to end a stressful day.

Blue Dream Gummies

This full spectrum delta 9 gummy product is made to let people experience the magic of getting high without smoking weed. If you are not a fan of smoking but a fan of rich gummy candy—Blue Dream gummies make an excellent choice.

Mango Crush Gummies

If you are a fan of tropical fruit like mango, you will definitely love to have a taste of these gummies. Not only do they taste good, but every 10mg gummy will give you a euphoric high that will turn that frown upside down.

**(Disclaimer reminder: This article is not medical advice. It is based on anecdotal user experience alone. If you are thinking about incorporating cannabis (delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, CBD, etc) into your medicinal routine, please consult a healthcare professional. Do not stop taking any prescribed medications without first consulting your doctor.)

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