Best Time to Take Edibles

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Besides smoking cannabis flower, taking cannabis-infused edibles is by far the most popular way stoners enjoy getting high. But when is the best time to take an edible?

While there are a few different factors that go into when is the best time to take an edible, there are also a few tips and tricks that can help you figure out when the best time to take an edible is for you.

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How Do Edibles Work?

Cannabis-infused edibles are ingested differently than raw cannabis flower but can produce many similar effects. When you take an edible, the cannabinoids inside will be digested through your stomach, metabolized through your liver, then distributed to your endocannabinoid system through your bloodstream.

Edibles aren’t exclusive to delta 9 THC anymore. You can also enjoy cannabis edibles that are infused with cannabinoids such as CBD, HHC, and delta 8 THC.

While delta 8 is federally legal in the United States, it’s not legal in every individual state, which means that the research on delta 8 is still somewhat limited at this time. Most of what we know about delta 8 comes from the anecdotal user experience, and users have reported that delta 8 gummies’ effects include:

  • Feelings of relaxation or relief from stress
  • Temporary relief from pain or inflammation
  • Elevated mood or feelings of euphoria
  • A mild psychoactive experience or “high”

You can also snack on some HHC gummies, which are an excellent alternative for cannabis users who are looking for a bit of a different experience. Like delta 8, the research on HHC is still in its infancy, so we rely primarily on reported user experiences. Based on those experiences, HHC effects may include:

  • Feelings of happiness or euphoria
  • Elevated energy levels and feelings of motivation
  • A mild psychoactive experience of “high”

Both delta 8 and HHC are less potent than delta 9 THC, but that can actually be a good thing. For cannabis users who want to enjoy taking edibles but don’t want the knock-out experience that can sometimes come with delta 9 edibles, alternative cannabinoid edibles can be the perfect middle ground.


Homemade Edibles vs. Dispensary Edibles

Legally, it may be easier for some people to access edibles made at home, but they will be harder to dose accurately. There are many different recipes you can follow online, but the results may vary. With edibles that you get at the dispensary, they will consistently be correctly dosed, making it easier for you to figure out when the right time to take an edible is for you.


Edibles Dosage Guide

Edibles hit way harder than raw bud, so it’s super important to make sure you’re taking the correct dose. Since edibles are eaten instead of smoked, the cannabinoids are digested through the stomach rather than absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs. This means that the effects will take longer to kick in, but they’ll hit harder when they do.

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re figuring out how to dose your edibles. Because they take so long to kick in, some people think they need to take more before they actually do. This can result in getting way too high and potentially having a negative experience. To avoid that, it’s best to adhere to these general guidelines:

  • 5–10mg for beginners
  • 10–25mg for novices
  • 25–50mg for more experienced users
  • 50–100mg for seasoned stoners
  • 100mg+ for canna-beasts

Remember that the dose that works for you may not be the dose that works for someone else. It’s essential to find your own individual sweet spot when it comes to dosing edibles where you’ll get super stoned but still be able to enjoy your high.


Best Time to Take Edibles

So, when is the best time to take edibles? Technically, there is no single best time for everyone to take edibles. Since the cannabis plant is so complex and contains so many cannabinoids that affect people completely differently, there’s no way anyone can make blanket statements about how or when people can or should smoke weed. However, we can give you some of our best tips and tricks for when we think are the best times to take edibles.

How Long do Edibles take to hit?

Since edibles are eaten, digested, and metabolized, they will take longer to hit than smoking weed or hitting vapes. On average, it takes edibles anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to kick in. The exact time will depend on a few things:

  • The dosage of the edible. You’re more likely to feel the effects of a stronger dose of an edible than a smaller dose.
  • Your tolerance. The higher your tolerance, the longer it may take for you to feel the effects of your edible. It’s an unfortunate side effect of being a seasoned stoner!
  • Your body mass. It may take less time for someone to feel the effects of edibles who is of a smaller stature rather than someone who is of a larger stature.

As always, it’s important to remember that edibles will affect everyone differently. Your own unique physiology will play the most important role in ultimately determining how long it will take for edibles to kick in.

Can Edibles take 3 Hours to hit?

Edibles usually won’t take that long to kick in, but around 3 hours after consumption is usually when the effects of the edibles begin to peak. Edibles are kind of like a roller coaster; you being with a slow ascent, and after a couple of hours you’ll hit your peak where you’re at the top of the coaster. That’s the thrilling part of the ride! The peak of your high should last about an hour or two before you’ll begin your slow descent off the ride.


Tips for Taking Edibles

While we’re obviously huge fans of taking edibles, there’s also a right way to take edibles and a wrong way to take edibles. It’s essential that you follow these simple guidelines to keep your edible experience a positive one.

Start Small

Remember: You can always take more, but you can’t take less. If you’re a beginner, start with 5mg before increasing to 10mg. Once you’ve developed a tolerance for your current dosage, you can move up in intervals of 5mg to 10mg at a time. There’s nothing worse than accidentally taking too many edibles and feeling like you’re fighting for your life!

Wait at Least 2 Hours Before Increasing the Dosage

If you really feel like the edible isn’t hitting the way you want it to, you can increase the dosage. But we strongly recommend waiting at least two hours to do so, because edibles can sometimes sneak up on you. One minute you’ll be saying, “this edible isn’t working!” and the next minute, you’ll be contemplating calling an ambulance.*

(*Disclaimer: We’re just joking around, but on a serious note, you cannot die or even overdose from smoking too much weed, so there’s no need to worry. On the other hand, if you take too much, you can have pretty intense panic attacks that can make you feel like you’re dying, which is why it’s so important to make sure you’re taking the correct dose. Remember that before you reach for the phone to call your mom. You’ll be just fine. We promise.)


There are stoner myths that are tall tales, and there are stoner myths that are the truth. Cottonmouth is one of the truths. Even though you’re not smoking the weed, once the edible hits, you’ll still experience this side-effect.

Beyond cottonmouth, it’s also important in general to keep yourself hydrated. Feelings of dehydration can detract from the experience of your edible or can even be exacerbated by them. Make sure to always drink lots of water!

Have a Full Stomach

Can you take edibles on an empty stomach? Sure. Should you take edibles on an empty stomach? Probably not. When you’re preparing to go on any kind of psychoactive journey, having sustenance in your stomach is one of the best things you can do to make sure you don’t feel sick or get over-intoxicated.

Have a Buddy

The best time to take edibles is definitely with a friend. Sometimes called a “trip sitter,” having a buddy with you is essential to having a good time when you’re taking edibles, especially in the event that you don’t have such a good time. Having someone there that you trust if you happen to take too much and start to feel panicked can help to calm you down and bring you back to reality. You should only get high with people you trust!


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