Best Temp for Delta 8 Carts: The Complete Guide

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided to switch from delta 9 to delta 8 for a milder, smoother smoking experience. If that’s the case, you should first learn the 101 to delta 8 carts – the potency of each weed strain, the hardware design and quality, and finally – the temperature.

The best temp for THC cart or any other cannabinoid depends on what you plan to smoke. For example, THCV sizzles above 200ºC, while CBD does at 180ºC or less. 

We’ll go over each type of cannabinoid in detail and its ideal sizzling temperature below.

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Why Temperature Matters

If you’ve decided to vaporize your cannabis for more potent effects, you should aim to do it the right way, a.k.a. by setting the correct temperature. Each cannabinoid has a unique ideal boiling point, and under or overstepping it can ruin a perfectly good weed strain.

Some cannabinoids thrive at lower sizzling points (THC, delta 8, CBD, and CBN), while others require higher temperatures (THCV and CBC) for a more flavorful hit. The temperature at which you’ll vaporize your weed will determine whether you’ll make the most out of its properties and whether you’ll have a more pronounced head or body high.

Generally, lower temperatures stimulate the mind, while higher temperatures affect you physically and can boost your energy levels, causing you to be more active.

Pay Attention to Storage Space Temperature

Besides ensuring the best temp for THC cart, you should also consider the storage space temperature where you keep your vape products – otherwise, you risk ruining your vape pen

Once you purchase a vape, you want to store it somewhere safe and keep it there. Room temperature (about 20°C) is perfect for a vape pen, and any spot that is too hot or cold may cause clogging and lead to a malfunctioning device.

Store every device piece vertically to prevent oil spillage, and be gentle with your vape when using it – don’t take drags too hard.

Now that we’ve got the basics over with, it’s time to review the ideal temperature for each cannabinoid.


Best Temperature by Cannabinoid

Each cannabinoid offers a unique set of properties that can support mental and physical well-being or simply provide temporary tension relief. Either way, to successfully extract all that goodness from your favorite cannabinoid, you should first familiarize yourself with the boiling points of each:

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): Optimal Temperature 157ºC

If you want the relieving properties of CBD paired with a pronounced high – THC should be your go-to cannabinoid. It also has the lowest boiling point, meaning the best temp for THC cart is 157ºC. 

Of course, you can slightly go over or under the limit; just don’t get carried away. Not following the recommended temperature may result in an ineffective smoking session, meaning you won’t feel any psychoactive effects.

Delta 8 THC: Optimal Temperature 175-178ºC

Delta 8 is like the better sibling of THC – it boasts all the same properties but gives a more steady, level-head high. The effects of a delta 8 THC cart like the Hindu Kush are best noticeable at 175 to 178ºC.

As you increase the temperature, the vapor will become harsher on the throat; hence it’s not a frequent practice among smokers. Most cannabis users prefer to keep the temperature around its ideal boiling point not to overwhelm themselves and avoid combustion.

THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin): Optimal Temperature 220ºC

THCV is your perfect morning cannabinoid since it’s shown to help with focus and energy. It’s believed to modify the psychoactive properties of THC and make them less impactful and mind-altering. 

THCV, together with CBC, has the highest sizzling point at 220ºC. You can slightly go over or under this temperature level, depending on your preference for the taste and smell and desired effects.

CBD (Cannabidiol): Optimal Temperature 160-180ºC

CBD is what you go for when you want to avoid the heights of THC. This phytocannabinoid is perfect for pain and tension relief and can aid in migraines, inflammation, chronic pain, and mental disorders (anxiety and depression).

The ideal vaporization temperature for CBD fluctuates between 160ºC and 180ºC. Each endpoint will have a unique impact on the feel and potency of the strain. Go lower than 160ºC and expect a milder head high and softer flavor and scent; go over 180ºC, and you might ruin its taste!

CBN (Cannabinol): Optimal Temperature 185ºC

CBN is the right pick for you if you want to relieve depression and anxiety, and it’s also suitable for chronic pain in some instances. CBN forms when THC is heated, and its effects are milder, more tolerable, and less intoxicating and euphoric.

To preserve the therapeutic effects of CBN, we suggest keeping the temperature at 185ºC. Depending on the impact you want to induce, you could go over or under this sizzling point. Going over it means you’ll experience elation on another level.

CBC (Cannabichromene): Optimal Temperature 220ºC

Seemingly a lovechild of CBD and THC, CBC is a cannabinoid with anti-inflammatory effects and can sometimes serve as a pain reliever. It’s believed that it also possesses anti-fungal properties, but this is still up for research. 

If you want to take CBC for pain or pressure relief, don’t go over 220ºC. You want to preserve its natural benefits, and combusting it will alter its properties and probably deliver an ineffective hit.


Best Temp for Delta 8 Carts

Delta 8 carts, such as those in our delta 8 cart collection, are most delicious and fruity-smelling when vaporized at lower temperatures. 

Keeping the temperature piping hot will lead to combustion – an entirely different method of consuming cannabis. Combustion tends to bring out the most of a weed strain, but not always in a good way. It can cause anxiety and paranoia and can throw you off balance.

If you want to avoid a harsh and dry aftertaste, 175 to 178ºC is the best temp for THC cart. You’ll still feel delta 8’s mind-altering effects but at a more tolerable level.


Best Temp for Live Resin Carts

Users of live resin carts know the process the cannabis plant goes through for its terpene properties to be preserved. This procedure is rather intricate and requires careful handling.

To not miss out on the taste and flavor of a live resin cart, it’s best to keep the temperature lower. Our suggested temperature for heating the cart and vaporizing the live resin is about 157°C. Using this method, you’ll retain the complete flavor profile of the terpenes.


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