Best Gelato Strain: Top Gelato Strains Of All Time

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Gelato is always a good option to consider if you’re looking for a new strain. Gelato has been very popular for quite some time now, and it’s all thanks to its amazing flavor, high THC content, and its super euphoria-inducing yet relaxing effects

Today, we want to take a look at the various strains or types of Gelato cannabis out there to see exactly what they have in store for you.


Key Takeaways

  • Gelato strains are characterized for their sweet flavors and euphoric effects. 
  • Real Gelato strains have dense buds that are hard to squeeze.
  • Peach Gelato, Jet Fuel Gelato, and White Gelato are some of the most popular Gelato strains out there.


How to Tell Real Gelato Strains

The number one way to tell if your strain is Gelato or has Gelato in it is by looking at it. It should have a very dense build that cannot easily be squeezed together. It should also have moderate green buds combined with a thick layer of orange hairs accented with bright purple notes. It doesn’t usually look very frosty or have many crystals on it. 

With Gelato, you should also notice a very pungent sweet and fruity aroma, followed by an earthy yet creamy aftertaste.  


Gelato Strain Effects

The Gelato strain itself is a fairly balanced hybrid that produces a number of sensations. First, you are likely to feel the sativa side of things, a strong cerebral head high that will put your head in the clouds. You will likely feel happy, euphoric, uplifted, energetic, giggly, and talkative.

This does tend to be a fairly uplifting strain, particularly for the first hour or so after being smoked, vaped, or consumed in any other way. However, after an hour or two, things will give way to the indica side of things. 

You will start to feel a fairly strong body high characterized by relaxation, heaviness, sedation, and hunger.

Therefore, it’s a good option to consider if you need a strain that is ideal for late daytime use, such as in the evening or early night. If you vape or smoke it about an hour or two before bed, by the time your head hits the pillow, you’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep. With up to 25% THC, you really can’t go wrong with some Gelato.

People also tend to like this strain because it has many different medical benefits. It can be used to help treat insomnia, a lack of appetite, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and more. Keep in mind that here we are talking about Gelato, not any of the Gelato crosses we are about to look at below. 

Due to the following strains being crossed, the effects that they produce will all be slightly different.


Best Gelato Strains

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best Gelato strains out there right now and what you can expect from them.

Peach Gelato Strain

Peach Gelato is made by crossing Peach Ringz with Jetlato, otherwise known as Jet Fuel Gelato. This balanced hybrid strain is 50% sativa and 50% indica. This stream has a very fruity and creamy peach flavor, with a slight hint of citrus on the exhale.

This strain features a very common yet uplifting sensation that will help boost your mood and make you more creative and social. With a maximum THC level of 26%, this is a heavy hitter.

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Jet Fuel Gelato Strain

Jet Fuel Gelato is a mix between Jet Fuel and Gelato, a hybrid strain of cannabis that contains roughly 22% THC. This stream is known for being very arousing in nature, uplifting, euphoric, and helping people focus. 

It features a very unique flavor that is reminiscent of diesel, flowers, and violets. This is one of the more expensive strains out there, although most would agree that it is well worth the investment.

White Gelato Strain

White Gelato is made by crossing White Widow with Gelato. This is a sativa-dominant strain that can contain up to 25% THC. It’s a very heavy hitter and produces a very strong cerebral head high. 

It will make you feel uplifted, euphoric, happy, aroused, and focused. It’s a good daytime read that also helps to treat a variety of pains and uneasy minds. It also has a very potent flavor that most people enjoy.

Gelato Cake Strain

Gelato Cake is made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This is an indica-dominant strain that features roughly 20% THC, which means that it is fairly moderate in terms of potency. Due to this being more indica than sativa, it creates a full-body high that makes you feel extremely relaxed, heavy, and sedated. 

This strain is going to give you the munchies. If you like the taste of berries, fruit, and sweetness, it’s a good option to go with.

Gelato Ice Cream Strain

Gelato Ice Cream, AKA Ice Cream Gelato, is a hybrid cross between Ice Cream Cake and Gelato 41. Number one, when we get here, is vanilla, although it also has notes of fruits and nuts. 

This is a fairly high THC strain, as it contains up to 23%, and because it is a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds. First, it can make you feel giggly, talkative, and euphoric, followed by full body relaxation and some munchies too.

Gelato #33 Strain

If you are looking for a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Gelato #33 is a good option to consider, especially if you like strains with moderate THC levels. It’s made by crossing Thin Mint GSC with Sunset Sherbet. 

This strain features roughly 20% THC, making it ideal for beginners and more experienced smokers. It features fruity and citrusy flavors, combined with a very energetic, euphoric, and uplifting high ideal for a long day. If you need something to help improve your mood, this is likely it.

Frosted Melon Gelato Strain

Frosted Melon Gelato is made by crossing Brain Damage with Gelato, and this is a sativa-dominant strain with fairly low THC levels. Thanks to the low 18% THC level, it is a good choice for beginners to experiment with. This is a very energizing, euphoric, and uplifting strain that is perfect for daytime use. It has a very sweet flavor that is fruity and berry-like, yet also has undertones of earthiness.

Cherry Lime Gelato Strain

Cherry Lime Gelato is a hybrid mix between Gelato, Cherry Pie, and Key Lime Pie. This indica-dominant strain will make you feel heavy, sedated, hungry, and produces that much sought-after couch lock feeling, but not before it makes you feel happy and euphoric. 

It features fairly high THC levels, so it will rush to your head right from the first toke. It has a very fruity and citrusy flavor that stays on your tongue long after the first puff.

Gelato Mintz Strain

Gelato Mints is an indica-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Gelato 41 with Animal Mintz. Due to it being indica-dominant, it will help calm you down, sedate you, and give you a bit of the munchies. That said, it’s not very strong, as it comes in at just 11% THC. 

It also produces sensations of happiness, focus, and euphoria. This stream has a very minty flavor, combined with undertones of chemicals and vanilla. Just keep in mind that this is a cottonmouth-inducing strain.

Apple Gelato Strain

Here we have a very potent strain made by crossing Jet Fuel Gelato with Apple Cider. Apple Gelato is indica-dominant, and can contain up to 25% THC, therefore making it a very heavy hitter. Although it is indica dominant, it does first produce sensations reminiscent of a sativa, mainly feelings of being uplifted and focused. 

However, it will then relax your body and sedate you quite heavily, about an hour after you first smoke it. This makes it ideal for late afternoons and evenings. This strain features a strong apple flavor that is tart and sweet, combined with notes of vanilla.

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Gelato 41 Strain

If you are looking for a heavy hitter that is going to put you to bed, then Gelato 41 is a good option to consider. This hybrid strain is slightly indica dominant and features roughly 22% THC. It is best reserved for experienced smokers, especially those who need a good night on stream. 

This strain is going to make you feel relaxed, tired, hungry, and sedated. In terms of flavor, it tastes like pine, lavender, earthiness, and has some sweetness to it is well.

Bubblegum Gelato Strain

This strain is made by crossing Gelato 45 with Indiana Bubblegum, therefore producing an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It doesn’t contain the most THC, as it comes in at around 16%, making it a good choice for beginners. 

That said, it will produce indica leaning effects, and it will make you feel hungry, relaxed, sedated, and uplifted. It has flavors reminiscent of sweet cherries and earthiness.

Mochi Gelato Strain

Mochi Gelato is a hybrid strain with moderate THC levels, around 20%. This appears to be a sativa-dominant strain that will make you happy, uplifted, focused, and energetic, although it will eventually make you feel sleepy and sedated. 

It features a strong minty flavor combined with earthy undertones. Because it is sativa-dominant and moderate in THC, it does make for a good daytime weed.

Watermelon Gelato Strain

Watermelon Gelato is a hybrid cross between Gelato 45 and Watermelon Zkittlez. This indica-dominant strain features moderate THC levels of roughly 18%, making it ideal for both seasoned smokers and beginners alike. 

This strain features fairly uplifting effects that will make you feel happy and euphoric, quickly followed by an indica-dominant sedated and relaxed feeling. It’s a good option for late evenings and early night time. This is a good strain to taste if you like earthiness, floral flavors, and fruitiness.

Peanut Butter Gelato Strain

Peanut butter Gelato is a hybrid strain that is made by crossing two relatively balanced strains. That said, exactly where this strain comes from is unknown, although we do know that it has very earthy and nutty flavors.

We also know that it features moderate THC levels, and it does appear to be indica-dominant, so it’s going to make you feel sleepy and relaxed but also a bit giggly and talkative.

Blue Gelato Strain

Blue Gelato is a strain made by crossing GSC, Sherbet, and Blueberry, and is also known as Blue Gelato #41. This is a hybrid strain that is slightly sativa heavy, and it features around 15% THC. 

Due to it featuring a fairly low THC level, it’s good for beginners and for people who need daytime weed that won’t put them to sleep. It features a very uplifting, happiness-inducing, and euphoric cerebral head high, combined with fruity, citrusy, and earthy flavors.


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