Best Delta 8 for Arousal

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You might have heard that delta 8 THC can be useful for getting a more functional high or even helping manage anxiety symptoms. D8 has been a pretty resourceful compound thanks to its milder side effects when compared to its isomer, delta 9 THC.

This relatively new cannabinoid can also be helpful in the bedroom to enhance your sexual experience. From relaxing your muscles, unwinding, and getting a better mood, to feeling more creative in the bedroom, D8 has plenty of benefits to offer with arousal.

While there is still a lot to understand about this cannabinoid, there’s plenty of potential for getting a little more frisky in the bedroom. Hence, we’ve gathered information to help you find the best delta 8 for arousal and enhancing your sexual experience.

Without further ado, let’s delve into arousal and how cannabis and delta 8 THC can affect your sexual experiences.


Can Smoking Weed Make Sex Better?

While there is still a lot to understand about cannabis and overall arousal, there are some key effects that can make sex feel better. This can happen mainly because cannabinoids like delta 8 THC can affect our perception and heighten our senses.

As you might know by now, delta 8 THC binds to the proteins of our endocannabinoid system. This system can affect our senses and heighten or diminish certain signals, such as pain or inflammation.

Some users have reported that using weed before having sex could improve the experience in several ways. From relaxing your body to making you feel more, anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis, in general, can give you a different view of sex.

Let’s explore this a little further with some of the actual effects and studies between cannabis and sex.


Cannabis & Sex

As we mentioned above, there is still a lot to understand about cannabis and sex. Some users have a general idea that cannabis can make you more aroused, which some studies can confirm, at least in women users.

Besides the actual studies, we know a few external situations or stressors that can make things feel better overall, from increasing libido, feeling relaxed during the act, or even helping with erectile dysfunction. And all thanks to the natural effects of certain cannabinoids, including delta 8 THC and CBD.

Before diving into these specific benefits, let’s explore the overall effects known by scientific research.

Effects of Consuming Cannabis Before Sex

Let’s take a quick look at the general effects of cannabinoids.

While not all of them are psychoactive, due to their interaction with our system, some compounds of this family, like CBD, can promote relaxation in your muscles. Delta 8 and delta 9 THC, on the other hand, promote relaxation in your mind.

Now, with general cannabis consumption, there are a few studies about consuming it. This 2017 study explored if cannabis used before the sexual experience could affect and how much the sexual experience.

In general, this study found cannabis could give a better experience in general. 62 of the 96 participants said their sexual experience was much more pleasurable. And even more, 56 out of the 96 individuals also reported feeling a stronger orgasm.

So, in general, this study shows that people felt less pain due to more lubrication and a smoother experience when consuming cannabis before intercourse. And the key findings were more pleasurable orgasms and decreased pain, with no sexual difficulties or side effects.

This study is a great starting point to talk about sex and cannabis. From better lubrication to having an overall smoother experience, this research can lead to a better understanding of how cannabis works. And if cannabis consumption could lead to more intercourse in general. Let’s dive into that as well.


Marijuana Use & Sexual Frequency

Cannabis use has increased among users thanks to its availability and the slow cultural change around this plant. And while we cannot say this for a fact, there might be evidence that weed consumption could lead to more sex.

This study from 2017 made by The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that, in general, marijuana users had significantly higher sexual frequency when compared to users who had never used it. This was true for male weekly and daily users and an overall trend for both men and women.

Even more, the study defined that the consumption of cannabis generally did not appear to impair sexual functions. The study found a positive association between marijuana use and sexual frequency across all demographic groups.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily correlate with weed increasing intercourse in all cases, as some experts have different opinions. But we can say that this could be thanks to the perception and sense enhancement of cannabis. However it may be, we have a starting point to begin the discussion about the frequency of use and sex.


What are the Benefits of Delta 8 THC

Now that we have a general idea about how cannabis and arousal work, let’s check delta 8 THC out. While also psychoactive like delta 9 THC, D8 can generally have a milder effect.

Besides the fewer side effects, this could lead to certain specific benefits, such as lowering sexual anxiety symptoms, helping with a lower sex drive, and even boosting people with erectile dysfunction.

Let’s talk more about these specific benefits.

Sexual Anxiety

Having slight nervousness before intercourse is more than natural. But if you feel like the overall symptoms are way stronger than usual or even getting closer to actual anxiety, D8 THC could be of help.

D8 THC can give you a clear-minded high that is often followed by general muscle relaxation. Delta 8 is known to be helpful towards some anxiety and stress symptoms.

With these two key factors mixed in, consuming D8 THC could help you feel more confident before intercourse. While we cannot guarantee this specific situation, sexual anxiety symptoms could potentially be diminished just by the relaxing and sedative properties of D8.

Low Sex Drive

While cannabis consumption, in general, can make you feel more relaxed, it can also help boost your sex drive.

As you can feel in an overall euphoric state of mind with D8, users have anecdotal evidence of feeling more aroused or attracted to their partner. Others have also felt more inclined to express their sexual needs in a safe space, thanks to a better mood.

Some studies have discussed a specific increased sex drive which we will delve into further in the article. But in general, cannabis and delta 8 THC can be helpful towards a lower sex drive thanks to their mood uplift and relaxing properties.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Now, being clear, delta 8 does not have clinical approvement to treat specific ED cases. So we know there is still much research needed to understand how it can help with erectile dysfunction at a micro level.

What we do know is how it can help with external stressors that might cause erectile dysfunction to become more prominent. Thanks to its sedative and relaxing properties, delta 8 THC can help you feel less stressed and help you clear your mind from the psychological part of ED.

As always, we recommend you give it a go and ask a health professional before.


Cannabis & Female Libido

Now, while we’ve talked about some general findings, there are specific insights about cannabis and female libido. This 2019 study evaluated women’s perceptions of the effect of marijuana use before sexual activity.

This scientific research found that of the 373 participants, 34% reported using marijuana before sexual intercourse. And from these participants, most women reported having an increased sex drive, improved orgasm, and decreased pain.

The consensus of these studies is also the increased sex drive. This boosting of women’s libido can be partly thanks to how cannabinoids, specifically CBD and THC, can relax your body and mind.

Boosting Your Libido

There are plenty of factors that could be affecting a lower overall libido. From feeling anxiety and stress over intercourse to actual physical tension, cannabis could be contributing to diminishing all of these external stressors.

However, there is something a little more complex under the water. Studies have found that some women could use cannabis to manage certain menopause symptoms. These include hot flashes, night sweats, and even insomnia. Other physical changes like vaginal dryness are also factors that could contribute to a lower libido when they are not treated.

While there is still much to understand for clinical treatment, cannabis could potentially be helpful towards boosting your libido when affected by external stressors or greatly diminish menopause symptoms.


Delta 8 & Sex

So, now that we have a broad panorama about cannabis and sex in general. Let’s now dive into how delta 8 THC could be beneficial or interact with overall intercourse.

While there aren’t specific studies about this cannabinoid, we know some general headlines from the broader picture.

First, we know that delta 8 THC can help you relax. Due to how it works with our endocannabinoid system, D8 could positively affect arousal and relaxation with fewer side effects from cannabinoids like regular THC.

D8 has milder effects than regular THC, so it can feel more of a relaxing, clear-headed high rather than intoxicating. However, much research is still needed to understand if delta 8 THC could be beneficial or have clinical treatment for sexual-related ailments.


Best Delta 8 for Male Arousal

While most arousal can come from all sides, we do recommend something with a little stronger dose. As we’ve mentioned before, delta 8 may be helpful towards erectile dysfunction and even help to boost your mood and creativity.

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Best Delta 8 for Female Arousal

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Best Delta 8 for Arousal

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