Best Delta 8 Carts for Anxiety

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You’re probably already well acquainted with THC and its alleviating effects on anxiety. Consuming weed may be a popular way to benefit from this cannabinoid, but other subtypes of THC have also made quite an impression. 

We’re here to focus specifically on delta 8 THC, the slightly weaker, more niche cousin of delta 9 THC. Sharing some of the properties of both delta 9 and CBD, delta 8 THC is reportedly great for experiencing a pleasant high and calming down anxiety simultaneously. It presents a much safer choice than delta 9 THC, which can cause paranoia in some users.

Of course, there’s the eternal dilemma: what’s the best way to consume delta 8 THC? The easy answer is vaping, which means you’ll need to get your hands on the best delta 8 carts first. 

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Delta 8 Cartridges

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Is Vaping Good for Anxiety?

We already established that delta 8 can relieve anxious thoughts. However, is vaping itself good for anxiety, and why is it the best way to consume delta 8? 

After all, there are many other ways to consume delta 8 THC and calm your anxiety. You could opt for edibles, tinctures, or even simply smoking weed. 

So, what sets vaping apart? Let’s take a look.

The Perks of Vaping Weed

Consuming edibles and gummies, let alone smoking joints, is not always easy or pleasant in public. 

The high can be too overwhelming, preventing you from functioning properly. The smell of the weed can bother some people, and there’s still the stigma associated with consuming any sort of cannabinoids. 

Vaping allows you to bypass all of this

To put it simply, vaping is discreet and convenient. People interested in delta 8 THC to alleviate their anxiety would probably need this handy tool wherever they go. 

The vapor tends to have a pleasant, fruity smell, concealing the contents of your carts. Plus, vapes are usually small and portable, so you can carry yours in your pocket wherever you are—at work, out with friends, or even on a trip in nature. 

Vaping and Anxiety

Vapes, by themselves, have neither a positive nor a negative effect on anxiety. The substance you’re vaping is the element that determines whether you will worsen your symptoms or diminish them. And if you’re seeking to achieve the latter, your best bet is to get some delta 8 THC.


Benefits of Delta 8 THC

So, what does delta 8 THC do that delta 9 THC or CBD cannot? The answer’s simple: it aids in body and mind health but is not too potent to pose significant health risks.

CBD, for instance, isn’t known to possess powerful psychoactive effects, and consumers mainly use it for medicinal purposes. 

Delta 9 THC, on the other hand, is known primarily for its recreative use. It can cause quite a strong and potent high, but, at times, it can induce paranoid and anxious thoughts.

Delta 8 THC can also get you high, but its effects are much milder than delta 9 THC. What you’ll be getting is a functional high. Partially because of this, and partially due to its innate effects, it makes you more productive and energetic while significantly reducing your anxiety.

The Best Way to Use Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is arguably the best cannabinoid to combat your anxiety in your day-to-day life. It’ll immediately put you in a better mood, allowing you to go to work or socialize while helping you maintain your sanity. 

Unlike some potent delta 8 strains, it won’t make you too sluggish, leading to couch-lock. It also won’t trigger negative emotions in users more susceptible to them. 

Moreover, while aiding you in keeping your composure, delta 8 THC is known to reduce nausea and insomnia symptoms. It is not a type of THC to turn to if you want to experience an ego-shattering trip.

However, that’s precisely what rose it to popularity. After all, not everyone is looking to get high; some smokers just want something to calm them down.


Delta 8 Strains for Anxiety

Of course, as with all cannabinoids, simply dividing them into delta 8, delta 9 THC, and CBD scratches the surface. Each subtype can cause different effects depending on the weed strain you choose. 

Many strains are bred to trigger specific effects. Therefore, if you’re primarily looking to relieve your anxiety symptoms with delta 8 THC, you should look for the best delta 8 strains for anxiety. 

Sour Lifter Strain

One such strain, for example, is the Sour Lifter Strain. This one is quite mellow, with a citrusy flavor, and it won’t get you high so that you notice a significant difference. It will relax you physically and mentally, allowing you to become a social butterfly, even for a couple of hours.

Abacus 2.0 Strain

Another good strain for anxiety is the Abacus 2.0 Strain. This one is much stronger than our previous strain. It’s primarily indica-based. Therefore, we recommend that you either take it in the evenings, before bed, or as soon as you wake up if you deal with chronic anxiety throughout the day.

Sour Space Candy Strain

A third good strain to consider may be the Sour Space Candy Strain, a 50/50 blend of indica and sativa. Its soft nature allows you to make the best use of most of the benefits usually associated with weed. It’ll make you both happier and more relaxed while also helping you relieve physical pain.


What Delta 8 Strain Is Best for Anxiety?

If we’d have to pick one delta 8 strain as the best for anxiety, though, we’d have to go for the Sour Hawaiian Haze Strain. This sativa-based strain is on the more potent side. It contains most of the properties usually associated with CBD and boasts a relatively sweet flavor soft on the tastebuds. 

What truly makes this strain stand out is that it causes almost no psychoactive effects other than those specifically meant to combat your anxiety. It allows you to retain a razor-sharp focus, and it doesn’t make you feel sleepy or lethargic. 

It’s potent but specifically bred to not influence your capacity for normal functioning. As such, it’s our recommended pick for anxiety issues.

Be careful with the dosage when using this strain; it can still make your anxiety act up if you take too much. Of course, this stands true for all other weed strains as well.


Best Delta 8 Carts for Anxiety

When looking to get delta 8 carts for your vape, you often aren’t looking for one pure strain. Many cool strain mixtures exist on the market, bursting with mouth-watering flavors. 

And while you may want to reduce your anxiety, you may also probably want to have some fun and enjoy your vaping experience. For this reason, we’ve outlined some of the best delta 8 carts for anxiety offered by Delta Munchies! 

All of these will eliminate your anxiety first and do everything else second, so rest assured—whichever one you go for, you won’t regret it:

The Berry Gelato Cartridge: This delicious beauty, formerly known as Blueberry Gelato, will relax you and enable you to work efficiently, all while taking you to Candyland. That aromatic berry flavor is irresistible and adds to its popularity. 

It’s a hybrid strain, leaning towards indica, and our one-gram cart will cost you only $34.99! You’ll be able to enjoy it for at least 350 draws.

The OG Kush Cartridge: This delta 8 cart with a 90s classic flavor will calm you down and lift up your spirit while preparing you for any ordeal coming your way—a stressful night out or a nerve-crushing exam! This one is also a one-gram cart and costs $34.99.

The Hindu Kush Cartridge: Sweet and earthy at the same time, the Hindu Kush Strain is crafted to evoke the sublime ridges of the Himalayan Mountains by allowing you to feel their height yourself. With $34.99 for a one-gram cart, you’ll be able to experience the profound calm that this particular strain carries and forget about your anxiety, at least for a moment.


Can I Buy Delta 8 Carts Online?

If reading about all the benefits of vaping delta 8 THC carts prompted you to want to get one for yourself, you needn’t look further than Delta Munchies

We offer a wide variety of THC and CBD products, including vape pens, gummies, vape carts, 

In addition, we have a particular sub-section dedicated to delta 8 THC products! You’ll find lab-tested and approved marijuana products, including our top three go-to carts for anxiety.

However, the products outlined above are only a few of the many delta 8 vaping carts we have. So, we recommend you check out our page, look around, and find your favorite pick. 


If you have more hesitancy around delta 8, feel free to check out this video. It’ll clear the air regarding delta 8 THC carts, plus you’ll learn more about them from an experienced user.