Best Anime About Weed

Grid with 4 weed-themed anime and manga characters.

It’s Friday night, you’ve got nowhere to go and want to binge watch something with a few tokes. Well, lucky for you, the rise of popularity with Japanese broadcasting has provided lots of amazing anime and manga to watch in different streaming places.

Now, in the world of anime, you might be looking for something adventurous or even a little romantic comedy. Some can get really crazy or even philosophical, as anime has plenty of subgenres to look for. However, the Reddit community has found a specific genre you can binge on that surprisingly have weed as the main topic.

You read that right; while Japan’s culture is still a little bit iffy about weed in general, there are few series out there that have stoner characters or weed-related episodes you can watch and relax to. If this is your jam, let’s explore together some of our favorite stoner anime characters and best weed-related anime.

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Round-up: Our Favorite Stoner Anime Characters

Whether it happened by accident or even if the character had some sort of power-up, there’s been one way or another that some protagonists have tried weed. And while some episodes and situations were subtle, others not so much. 

Let’s dive fully into our round-up of top characters that have tried some tokes.

Mugen from Samurai Champloo

One of the most iconic episodes in the whole Samurai Champloo is probably episode 9, where Mugen, the main character, uses the power of weed to save the day. Yes, you read that right.

This incredible anime with fluid animation and lots of vibrant colors has plenty of fun situations with out-of-the-box characters and shenanigans. So before we spoil you any further, check out this episode and series.

Souichi from Detroit Metal City

Ah, Detroit Metal City is just a masterpiece. In one special episode, the main character’s manager makes him consume cannabis to become even more metal. So yeah, this is one of the rare cases where the main character actually smokes a spliff to get a power-up.

Without any more spoilers, this manga and anime is perfect if you love black comedy, music in anime, and even some parodies of otaku culture.

Stoner from Eureka Seven

There’s no bigger evidence of weed in anime that an actual character called Stoner. Now, this series has a lot of nods like the surfer, skate, and even hippy culture. Specifically, Stoner from Eureka Seven is actually designed after Che Guevara.

So if you want not-that-subtle nods to stoner culture, well, check Eureka Seven for a full experience.

Brook from One Piece

Let’s go with one of the biggest stories of all time, One Piece. Besides being a cultural phenomenon that has a huge diversity in their cast as big as the number of episodes, there is one specific character that wears a lot of weed paraphernalia. 

We are talking about the skeleton king and ZZ Top-inspired character, Brook. While the character is not precisely smoking in the anime, you can find them with different weed-inspired outfits and bandanas.

Yoh from Shaman King

This classic manga and anime has recently been pretty popular again thanks to its remake. While the anime has a lot of things toned down for children, the manga presents a much calmer Yoh that uses weed paraphernalia all the time.

In the manga, Yoh is a lot calmer and always has its typical “stoned” face before fighting spirits. It is also important that Yoh means “weed” in japanese, so that might be a subtle wink to special audiences.


The Best Weed Anime 

Honestly, this is a little bit of a stretch, but the best weed anime is probably Ginga Densetsu Weed. Not because it talks about actual cannabis, but this fun 24-episode anime covers the story of Weed, a little dog that goes through lots of adventures in a story full of love, family, and even betrayal.

While there’s no actual cannabis involved, this “weed” anime is perfect if you want to try something different with lots of adventure. Besides, it’s perfect for watching something with some tokes as the fast pace and dogs in the adventure will become your new favorite show to binge watch on the weekends.

Now, since Japan has such a different culture around drugs, finding an actual anime about weed is a little complicated. A few adult-themed animes and seinen shows might have stoner characters or weed paraphernalia, but it is weird to find actual drugs since the situation with legislation is very difficult.

That said, some users have found either anime that can be watched while stoned or some that have one or two characters that take a few tokes every now and then. 


Is There Any Anime Character Smoking Weed?

Yes! While weed is still taboo in many ways in Japan, a few adult-oriented anime have characters smoking. Besides Mugen and Soichi from Samurai Champloo and Detroit Metal City, some characters have actual superpowers when taking a few tokes.

A minor character in Assassination Classroom is actually a heavy weed smoker and is nagged at by Nagisa for using drugs or staying stoned. Cowboy Bebop has plenty of scenes depicting drugs, specifically spliffs and other drugs, like mushrooms.

Another iconic villain is Panacotta Fugo, from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. This show has incredible action scenes, soundtrack, and visuals, but Panacotta shines through thanks to their “Purple Haze” attacks that evidently takes from weed culture. This is also a feature sometimes used by Brook, our skeleton musician from One Piece.


Best Anime & Manga About Weed: Reddit’s picks

While we chose our favorite “weed” anime, Reddit always has a few anime or manga series that they love. Whether they depict actual smoking characters or the fluidity and narrative are incredible. 

So let’s go with the community-loved anime about weed.

Detroit Metal City

We talked a little bit about Souichi, but this anime is perfect if you want to watch something stoned. This series has lots of winks and nudges to music and the life of musician, pop trends, and the change to death metal.

This anime is invigorating, and while it does have a few depictions of weed, let its unusual charm and different story allure you while enjoying an edible during the weekend.

Samurai Champloo

This anime is good stoned and sober. With incredible fluid animation and fun characters, this anime is a little more serious than some of the list with samurai running around.

However, a specific episode from the show depicts weed as a superpower to save a town. How cool is that? That’s why we thought it could double both as a community favorite but also one of the best shows you can watch, period.

Shaman King (Manga)

You might remember this show from either Fox Kids or Viz Media showing in the morning. Or perhaps a rerun of this in the morning TV shows. Well, manga is one of the best adventure and paranormal series you can read.

Besides the subtle winks to stoned culture, it has incredible paneling, narrative, and lots of action that reminds us why even old shounens can hit the right spots. And best of all, if you don’t want to have a philosophy class while watching anime but still have a good laugh, you’ll love this manga.

Food Wars!

Lastly, this is an honorary mention that is a must-watch, coming from the munchies community. This anime is perfect if you love watching cooking shows but also want to enjoy a good narrative with crazy nudity and laughs.

Food Wars follows a young chef starting in an elite cooking academy following his father’s steps to take on their small food shop in a town in Japan. This show really puts in perspective fine dining with the hardships of cooking, all with incredible cooking and food shots.

It’s loved by the munchies community, as it really passes on the love for food with just a few shots and literal orgasms about enjoying good food. So sit down, get a few snacks and enjoy mouth drooling with this incredible show.


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