21 Fun Things To Do While High

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Being high is the best. Doing things while high is also the best. (Honestly, we’d reckon that pretty much everything is better while high than not.) But, we also think there are some things to do while high that are just a bit more fun than others.

Whether you’re looking for things to do when high at home or things to do when high outside, we’ve got you covered. The days of asking yourself what to do when high are over. We’ve compiled a list of 21 super fun high activities that you can enjoy while either staying in or going out and about (as well as some bonus not-so-fun high activities to avoid.)

As a bonus, we’ll also tell you which cannabinoid––delta-8 THC or delta-9 THC––we think is best for the job. So, without further ado, here are 21 of the best things to do while high.

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Fun Things to do While High at Home


We love being stoned, we love being stoned at home, and we love thinking of stuff to do while high––so we’re coming at you with some of the best activities to do while high to keep you occupied while you’re stoned and in the house.

Watch Movies, TV, or YouTube


We’re starting off our list with the most obvious one: binge some great content. With all of the streaming apps available now (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and the list goes on), there is absolutely no shortage of content to get sucked into a 6-hour THC-induced vortex of binge-watching.

And that doesn’t even include YouTube, which has literally trillions of hours of videos to watch from millions of YouTube accounts from across the world. (Listen, if you haven’t gotten stoned and fell into a deep rabbit hole of some super weird stuff on YouTube, you haven’t lived.)

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. Delta-9 is a bit stronger than delta-8, so it’s more likely to give you the giggles while watching a comedy or keep your attention during a riveting documentary.

Play Videogames


A stoner match made in heaven, video games and weed go hand in hand. So many hours (and let’s be real, days) can be spent with a bong, some snacks, and a game controller. You don’t have to be an avid gamer to enjoy video games, either––there are so many different games out there, that almost everyone is sure to find something to help their brain unwind.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. Delta-8 delivers a cerebral high that can be super helpful for figuring out those hard puzzles and dungeons that so often come with video games. (Water temple from Ocarina of Time, we’re looking directly at you.)

Draw, Paint, or Color


Another great thing to do while you’re high at home is to draw or paint. Or, if you’re a bit on the ‘artistically challenged’ side, you can get high and tuck yourself into an adult coloring book. Once again, you don’t have to be at Picasso’s level to enjoy getting stoned and letting your creativity flow. Your high ideas may surprise you. Besides, it’s all about the creative outlet!

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. Delta-9 has notoriously been known to help a lot of people unlock their creative vibes, so we think it’s perfect for artistic ventures.

Write Something


Speaking of artistic ventures, writing is another great at-home high activity. And writing doesn’t always have to mean writing a trilogy of novels––you can try your hand at poetry, short stories, or even just some journaling. Getting high can tap into parts of your brain that are definitely worth putting on paper.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. We like delta-8 for anything that takes a bit more brainpower since delta-9 is comparatively strong and can sometimes dominate your brain for a while.

Cook or Meal Prep


The combination of food and weed is a tale as old as time. And eating food isn’t the only way to enjoy it while high at home; cooking with the munchies has produced some of the most innovative and delicious recipes of all time. And who knows, your high ideas could be the next big viral recipe! Meal prepping can be fun while high as well, as there’s something rhythmically meditative about the chopping of vegetables (…or maybe that’s just us.)

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. Delta-9 is the cannabinoid king of the munchies. Need we say more?

Vibe Out to Music


Getting high can really help to enhance the experience of listening to music. THC can intensify how your brain receives stimuli, which is what makes vibing out to music while you’re high so much better.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. The stronger the THC, the stronger the reaction to stimuli, so we think delta-9 is the cannabinoid for the job here.

Clean or Do Chores


Okay, hear us out: we know that chores and cleaning are kind of the worst, which is why we know that getting high before doing them makes them a lot more bearable. Getting high can make almost anything fun, so make it a ritual––take an edible, wait for it to kick in, and ride that high while cleaning. Add some music, and surprisingly, it can actually be pretty enjoyable.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. Delta-8, especially a Sativa strain, will give you a sustained, energetic instead of pulling you into couchlock like delta-9 can; which, obviously, is pretty counterproductive for cleaning.

Play With Your Pet


One of the best things in life is having an animal. If you have a furry friend, take some time out of your day to play with them after your smoke sessions. Not only is this super healthy for your animal’s physical health, but it’s a great way for you to strengthen your bond with your animal as well.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. Animals are hilarious, and delta-9 is great for laughing. I mean, let’s be real, how many times have we all gotten stoned and spent hours watching funny cat videos online? It’s like that, but in real life.

Read a Book


Similar to getting sucked into a binge-watching vortex, getting sucked into a really good book after you’ve gotten high is simply one of the best things ever. Pro tip: you can enjoy a cup of tea infused with a cannabis tincture on the side of your book for an extra serene, relaxing experience.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. Delta-8 is great for a high that’s focused on concentration and clearheadedness, which is perfect for reading.

Play Board Games or Do a Puzzle


Whether you’re in a group or by yourself, being stoned in the house while playing board games or doing a puzzle is a homebody’s dream. For group smoke sessions, bust out the board games. Putting a puzzle together can be a great way to unwind after getting high if you’re by yourself.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. If you’ve ever been in a group setting playing board games trying to explain the rules to someone who was way too stoned, you know it’s a nightmare. Since delta-9 is not quite as strong, you can still have fun without making it an impossible task teaching everyone how to play.

Get Crafty


Arts and crafts aren’t just for kids. Get crafty! Some of the best pieces of art have been created while the artists were stoned. Get high, take a trip to your local craft store, and see what calls to you. You may be surprised by the inspiration that hits you!

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. Since delta-9 helps to open up the brain’s creative side, that’s our favorite cannabinoid for crafting.

Fun Things to do While High Outside


Being stoned at home is great, but being stoned while out and about can sometimes be even better. THC is meant to enhance our life experiences, so a lot can be gained from partaking in THC while doing some high activities outside.

Take a Nature Walk or Hike


Once again, we’re starting off with the likely most popular outdoor high activity: nature walks. Nature walks and hikes are great on their own, but when you add THC, you really get a chance to connect with the environment. Taking a stoned walk or hike gives you some time to reflect on your thoughts, enjoy nature, and vibe with your high. There’s almost nothing better.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. The stronger psychoactive experience that delta-9 provides can help to intensify the feelings of connecting with the natural world. (Different cultures have notoriously done this for centuries!)

Try Photography


If you’ve ever been interested in trying out photography as a hobby, doing some nature photography while high is a wonderful way to start. Nature already lends itself as a beautiful canvas, and when you’re high, your creative eye has a tendency to be opened even more.

The best part is, you don’t even need a fancy camera for this anymore. Since phone cameras have evolved so quickly, many professional-looking photos can be taken right on your phone!

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. Delta-8 can give you more of a clear and cerebral high, which can be great for helping you capture the perfect shot.

Have a Picnic


Picture this: a gorgeous day, sitting in a beautiful park, smoking a joint, and eating a perfectly curated lunch basket full of all of your favorite finger foods. Sound like a great time? Yeah, it does to us too. Having a picnic is one of our favorite things to do while high outside, and can be quickly and cheaply done as a fun outing with friends or even as a date idea. (We also love the idea of doing this alone! Who says you can’t take yourself on a picnic?)

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. Since you’ll be eating delicious picnic food, you’ll want a cannabinoid that will ramp up your appetite.

Head to the Beach


We know this can’t apply to everyone (since not everyone lives near a beach), but with nearly a hundred thousand miles of coastline in the United States alone, there are a good amount of people that do. So grab a vape, plenty of water, and enjoy putting your feet in the sand. And it doesn’t have to be an ocean beach––lake beaches can be just as scenic as coastal beaches!

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. Delta-8 tends to give its users a more clear-headed high, which is perfect for swimming and spending some time taking in the beautiful marine sights and smells of a beach.

Go to an Aquarium

If you’re nowhere near a beach, try going to an aquarium. Getting stoned while looking through all of the different aquatic enclosures can be a super fun experience. Many aquariums even have interactive exhibits––and we don’t know about you, but there’s almost nothing we’d rather do than get high and go pet some stingrays and starfish.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. If you’re planning on interacting with any marine wildlife, we recommend using a THC that’s a little less strong than delta-9. It’s essential to be as clearheaded as possible when you’re interacting with wild animals!

Go to a Museum


Museums are arguabley some of the best places on earth. A walk-through hub for information, education, and super cool stuff to look at? It’s a stoner’s wonderland! We recommend taking an edible and letting it guide you through a high museum tour. Many local museums also put on special events like interactive exhibits with animals, science experiments, and guest speakers, so it’s worth looking at your local museum’s event calendar to set yourself up for something even more fun!

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. It’s no secret that sometimes the higher you are, the cooler things seem, so we recommend a nice and strong delta-9 to really get the whole “woaaah duuude” factor that a museum can provide.

Try Out A New Restaurant


One word: munchies. There’s no better time to try out a new restaurant than when you’re stoned and ravenous. You can even make a fun game out of it: round up a group of your favorite stoner buddies and choose a new, different restaurant to try every week after ripping on some THC and letting the munchies take over. It’s a fun way to incorporate new places into your restaurant repertoire!

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. Any time there’s food involved, we’re going to recommend delta-9. Is there anything better than the munchies kicking in right as your server gets to the table with your appetizers? We didn’t think so.

Play an Outdoor Game or Sport


If you’re someone who likes to be a little more active after you smoke, playing an outdoor game or sport can be a really fun thing to do while high outside. Frisbee, volleyball, tennis, badminton, or any game you can come up with can be a fun activity to do after getting high outside.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC (edibles in particular). Since this activity requires, well, activity, we’d recommend taking THC in a way that isn’t via the lungs. We also think delta-8 is the better choice for sports activities since it still keeps your mind sharp!



If you have the time and space to do so, getting high and tending to a garden is a wonderfully peaceful way to spend your time. The cannabis plant is of the earth, making it the perfect pairing for an activity that connects you with the earth itself.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-8 THC. While fun, gardening can be a bit long and laborious at times, which is why we think delta-8 may be a bit better for this activity. delta-8 can keep an active and sustained high for a bit longer than delta-9 THC.



Meditating anywhere is beneficial, but meditating outside while high is one of the best ways to connect with your inner vibrational self. Not only are you connecting with nature, but you’re connecting with your thoughts and emotions, all of which are enhanced after smoking weed.

The cannabinoid we’d recommend for this: delta-9 THC. Meditating can already be a kind of ‘psychoactive’ experience per se, so adding more psychoactive ingredients to the process may enhance your experience even more.

A Few Things You Shouldn’t Do While High

As much as we love being high, we also love being responsible cannabis users. This means there are a few high activities you’re probably better off avoiding while partaking in some THC.

Put Yourself in Anxiety-inducing Situations

Some cannabis users have described THC (delta-9 in particular) as being potentially anxiety-inducing. Depending on the potency of the weed, the strain, as well as your tolerance, this will either be a recipe for success or disaster. But to make sure you avoid the latter, we recommend staying away from any anxiety-inducing situations while high.

Since everyone has different fears and anxiety triggers, these situations will look different for everyone. So you should familiarize yourself with situations that normally produce anxiety even without THC and avoid those activities while high.

Watch Distressing Media

There’s nothing worse than smoking some weed, getting into a really great high space, and then logging onto the internet and reading literally the most disturbing thing you’ve ever read in your life. Talk about an instant buzz-kill. 

Social media has a tendency to be a hub for super distressing and depressing content, so we’d recommend staying away from any social media (or media in general, like the news) that fills you with feelings of negativity or ‘doom and gloom.’ There’s definitely a time and place to pay attention and keep yourself informed, but when you’re fresh off of a really good high, that may not be the right time.

Drink Excessive Alcohol

Some people think it can be fun to mix a bit of weed and booze––and while there are ways to do this safely, there’s a real danger when you begin to drink the latter to excess.

While there has been no evidence that consuming weed alone bears any significant negative side effects, combining weed with excessive alcohol can quickly become a catalyst for disaster. Cannabis can sometimes exacerbate the effects of alcohol, which can lead to dangerous things like blackouts. (And if you’ve ever blacked out before, you know it’s not a good time… at all.)

Drive or Operate Heavy Machinery

While lots of stoner movies like to glorify the notorious blunt cruise and car hotbox, we cannot in good conscience recommend driving while high as a safe, high activity.

There are a multitude of reasons why we feel like you should stay away from this one (including the fact that, no matter what, driving while impaired is super dangerous for yourself AND others) but depending on where you live, getting caught driving while high could also land you with some serious consequences. And no one wants that. Please use cannabis responsibly!


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