15 Fun Weed Games

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Most people are familiar with all the classic drinking games like beer pong, flip cup, kings, 2 truths and a lie, and ‘Never Have I Ever.’ But what about high games? Stoners want to have fun, too! Playing games is one of the best things to do while high.

But what are weed games? To put it simply, weed games (also commonly known as pot games or cannabis games) are games to play when high. Stoner games are perfect for when you’re hanging out with a group of friends and having a fun sesh full of jokes and laughs. Adding a game into the mix can take your hangouts to the next level and can even become a regular thing for you and your best buds. (See what we did there?)

The great thing about weed games is that there’s no one specific kind of weed game. A weed game can be a game that’s already established that’s ten times more fun to play while high, or it can be something you came up with something completely on your own. You’re only limited by your creativity, and we know there’s no one more creative than a determined stoner!

But, we do also know it can be hard to come up with an entire game by yourself, so we’re here to get you started. We’ve collected 10 of our favorite stoner games (plus 5 bonus weed rolling games) to play while you’re enjoying a nice high with some good friends.

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5 Weed Smoking Games

We’re going to start with 5 weed smoking games to play while high that can be played while you’re smoking a joint or a blunt with some friends.

  • Full Circle.

This game is a popular one among stoners, though it’s called different things depending on who you talk to. We like to call it Full Circle. To start, you want to make sure you have at least 4 to 5 people to play this game, otherwise it’s just too easy.

The game starts with everyone sitting in a circle with one person designated to start the blunt or joint rotation. Whoever starts the rotation has to light the joint or blunt, take a hit, and hold it in until it makes its way around the entire circle and comes back to them. The same goes for everyone else who then receives the joint; once it gets passed to you, you have to hold your hit in until it gets back to you. Try to play this until the blunt or joint is gone for maximum highness!

  • Topics.

This game is super simple but super fun. Topics is easy––you just pick a topic, such as cars, movies, or talk show hosts.  Whichever topic you choose, everyone has to go around and name one specific thing in that topic. For example, if you choose talk show hosts, each person has to name a different talk show host until someone can’t come up with one or repeats something that was already said by someone else. The higher you get, the harder this game gets! Plus, this game can go on forever. Those topics are just suggestions. You can get as niche as you want to. Feel free to tailor it to the specific interests of you and your friends!

  • Don’t Break the Ice.

Don’t Break the Ice is just a fancy way to make “stare at each with a straight face until someone cracks and laughs” feel like an actual game. But we argue that it is!

For this game, you technically only need one other person, although it’s still fun to do in groups. The rules are simple: you and one other person pass a blunt or joint back and forth while staring straight into each other’s faces. You have to keep your face as straight as possible, and the first one to laugh or break loses. (And believe us, it’s way harder than you think.)

If it’s just you and a friend, you can keep this game going for as long as you want. If you have a group of people, you can play this tournament-style and have the winners face off against each other. Either way, this weed game never fails to end with everyone in bouts of hysterical laughter to the point of tears.

  • The Weed Olympics.

The Weed Olympics are probably one of the most fun games to play while high and also the funniest to watch. Basically, the Weed Olympics is an at-home obstacle course for stoners. While you’re smoking a blunt or joint with some friends, create a (safe) obstacle course throughout the house with pillows, blankets, and other relatively soft items. Once everyone is nice and high, let the camera roll while you face off against each other to complete the obstacle course in the fastest time. To stoners, a pillow-filled obstacle course may as well be the Olympics––and in our opinion, it’s about one hundred times as entertaining to watch.

  • Finish the Story.

Another game that gets a bit harder the more you smoke, Finish the Story is a great group game that challenges your creativity. Choose someone to start, light the joint, and begin telling a story with one sentence. Once the first person has finished their hit and come up with their sentence, they’ll pass both the joint and the story on to the next person. The following person must come up with the next sentence in the story, and so on and so forth as the joint or blunt gets passed around the circle. If you can, try to time the story to the exact length of your blunt or joint. Once whatever you’re smoking is almost done, try to get the story to wrap up just as it goes out!


5 Bong Smoking Games

If you’re not into blunts or joints, we’ve also come up with 5 pipe and bong smoking games to play while high with a group of friends.

  • Strip Choker.

Although the name of this game is a play on strip poker, there’s actually no card playing in strip choker at all. To play strip choker, each person must go around and hit the pipe or bong and hold the smoke in. The first person to exhale or choke on the hit has to strip off a piece of clothing. Take this game as far as you feel comfortable––we’re not your parents!

  • Bong Pong.

Bong pong is the stoner’s version of beer pong. Beer pong is a lot of fun to play, and thankfully it’s super easy to customize it into a stoner’s game, too. Instead of putting beer in your solo cups, stick with water. Play the game as normal, but instead of taking shots or a drink of beer every time you’re opponent makes it in, you can take a hit off of your bong or pipe. 

(Pro tip: You can even play this game if you’re at a party where other people are playing it as beer pong. Let them take drinks every time you sink it while you take hits instead. It’s a great way to still feel involved with the party without having to drink if that’s not your thing!)

  • Bong Racing.

For this game, you’re going to need a decent amount of equipment. Ideally, if you’re hanging out with a bunch of people, each person can bring one of their own pieces (whether it’s a bong, a pipe, a bubbler, etc.) To get started, line up the same amount of packed bongs or pipes on each side of a table. (This will work with however many pieces you have available to you, but we recommend at least eight so you have at least four on each side.)

This can be played two ways: one against one or in teams. If you want to do one against one, you’ll have two people face off, and when someone says go, those two people will race each other to see who can finish hitting each piece on their side first. (And they must be cleared!) If you want to do it in teams, you’ll have one person designated to each piece. Once you say go, the first person has to completely clear their piece before the next person on their team can start to hit theirs. The first team to clear all of their pieces wins!

  • Power Hour.

Another popular drinking game, power hour is typically played by players taking a shot of beer every 60 seconds for one hour. (Alternatively, some people play this by setting an hourlong playlist and taking their shot every time the song changes. One minute can be way too fast!)

All you have to do to change this game from a drinking game to a stoner game is swap the shot for a hit. Whether you decide to do one every 60 seconds for an hour or set a playlist, once the minute passes or the song changes, everyone takes a hit. This is a great way to get super lit super fast!

  • I Hit You Hit We Hit

Time for a movie marathon! Put on your favorite stoner movies and take a hit every time they do. This will also work for non-stoner movies, too. Put on any movie of your choice and pick a word or a signature move from your favorite character. Every time they say or do the thing, take a hit!


Bonus: 5 Weed Rolling Games

We know what you’re thinking: what are weed rolling games? But surprisingly, even rolling blunts and joints can be turned into a fun game. We’ve come up with 5 bonus weed rolling games that you can play while rolling your weed.

  • Roll Racing. 

If you’re the competitive type, you’ll love roll racing––especially if you love to show off your rolling skills. For this, you’ll need each player to have their own setup: weed, grinder, rolling tray, and wrap of choice (we recommend everyone have the same wrap to ensure fair play.)

Once everyone has their set up, it’s time to race. Set a timer or have a ref count to three, and ROLL! Whoever is the first to roll their wrap first, wins. What the winner gets is up to you, though we’d be just fine settling for the bragging rights.

  • Guess the Roller. 

Time to see if you have a signature rolling technique that’s a dead giveaway! Guess the roller is another fun game for the stoners who are proud of their rolling skills. Before getting together with a group of friends, have everyone preroll a blunt or joint before they get there. Once everyone is there, take a container of some kind (anything not see-through will work) and have everyone anonymously put their rolled wrap inside. Then, once everyone’s wrap is in, shake up the container and start pulling them out one by one. Have everyone vote on each wrap to see who they think rolled it. The wrap who has the most correct guesses wins!

  • Spin the Blunt. 

If you run into the opposite problem where no one ever wants to be the one to roll the blunt, playing spin the blunt is the fairest way to squash the issue. When you’re ready to smoke, have you and your squad sit in a circle. Take the unopened wrap and spin it like you would as if you were playing spin the bottle. Whoever it lands on has to roll. And no backing out of it if it falls on you! The rules of stoner etiquette are sacred.

(Pro tip: Spin the blunt will also work once the blunt is rolled, too. If you can’t decide who should get the first hit, spin the rolled blunt the same way. Whoever it lands on gets greens!)

  • Reefer Resources.

In a more untraditional twist on rolling your weed, Reefer Resources is a fun way to get as creative as you can as fast as you can. For this game, you’re actually not allowed to roll your weed in a traditional wrap. You start out with your players each having their designated weed, and once you say go, everyone has to run around the house and find whatever kind of reefer resources they can find to create something to smoke out of. Whether it’s an aluminum can or a piece of fruit, the most creative vehicle wins!

  • Weed Wheels.

A weed wheel is the undecisive stoner’s best friend. They can require a little bit of prep beforehand, but they can be the perfect high project for someone who loves crafting.

Similar to wheels created by couples to figure out where they want to eat, the weed wheel is a way for stoners to have decisions made for them when it comes to smoking weed. You can create multiple wheels to create multiple combinations: one wheel for strains, one wheel for the smoking vehicle, and another wheel for where to go for munchies once you’re done.

But you don’t have to stop there! You can create as many wheels as you want. For example, you can make a wheel of all these weed games if you’re looking for something fun to do. Like we said, your options are only as limited as your creativity.


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